Vegan Food in Manchester

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

These days there’s plenty of vegan food in Manchester to choose from, and about time too.

It’s clear that ethical eating is on the rise, with vegan cooking becoming more mainstream month by month (or, maybe just Veganuary, for those still testing the waters). As ever, the restaurant scene is one step ahead, and even meat-eaters will be aware of the increasing number of vegan dishes available at their favourite restaurant.

Vegetarians are well served around Manchester, but it’s time to focus on the restaurants with the tastiest vegan meals. So whether you’re a proud vegan or merely curious, let us guide you towards some of the best food choices for vegans in Manchester.

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Here are our picks

  • 1. Bundobust Manchester

    Bundobust Manchester
    Ian Jones

    Bundobust Manchester, 61 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2AG - Visit now

    Since opening their restaurant on the edge of Piccadilly, the team behind Bundobust have built one hell of a buzz around Manchester. For the unaware, this underground restaurant serves up tapas-style small plates of vegan (and some vegetarian) Indian food, along with an exhaustive – and somewhat exhausting – list of beers and craft ales.

  • 2. Idle Hands

    Idle Hands - Coffee Shops in Manchester - Creative Tourist

    Idle Hands, 35 Dale St, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 2HF - Visit now

    A dairy alternative is no new thing to the coffee shops of Manchester, that said, so many of them are bloody useless at getting it right. Not here, Idle Hands can whip up a mean Oatly flat-white and they’ve plenty of vegan cakes and pies to enjoy on the side.

  • 3. Dishoom Manchester

    Dishoom Manchester

    Dishoom Manchester, 32 Bridge St, Manchester , M3 3BT - Visit now

    Indian street food is often vegan-friendly, and Dishoom have an entire menu devoted to it. Enjoy your vegan delights all day in plush surroundings at this standout restaurant.

  • 4. Common Bar

    Common Bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter
    Ben Williams

    Common Bar, 39-47 Edge Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1HW - Visit now

    If you like your vegan food with a thick slice of hipster on the side – and of course you do – then head to Common. For breakfast you can choose from their Vegan Fry (a vegan fry-up, duh!), Jumpin’ Jack Flash (hash browns with mushrooms and avocado) and for the rest of the day there’s No Clucks Given (a crispy fried vegan seitan burger) and the Beyond Fake News burger.

  • 5. The Refuge

    Bank Holiday Weekend at The Refuge
    Heritage Tomatoes, Red Onion

    The Refuge, Oxford Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M60 7HA - Visit now

    Of course there are plenty of meaty things on this off-kilter small plates menu, but The Refuge have a quality selection of cruelty-free choices too. From curried sweet potato to beetroot pakora via a delicious assortment of wonderfully crafted vegetable dishes.

  • 6. V Revolution

    V Revolution.

    V Revolution, 20-26 Edge Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1HN - Visit now

    Fast food meets tofu; V-Revolution’s 100% vegan menu delivers hangover curing, carb-heavy delights in an all-American diner style setting.

  • 7. Teacup Kitchen

    Teacup Kitchen, 55 Thomas Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 1NA - Visit now

    Teacup has an amazing choice of vegan breakfasts and bunches; from superfood porridge to the full vegan breakfast via mushrooms, falafel and avocado. As you’d expect, there’s loads of tea to pick from as well as soya and coconut milk alternatives and even vegan cake. That’s right, cake. Sadly, there isn’t a single vegan choice on the non-breakfast menu, but breakfast is served all day, and as Leslie Knope once said, “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”.

  • 8. Ice Shack

    Ice Shack

    Ice Shack, 1c, 160-164 Wellington Rd, Manchester, M20 3FU - Visit now

    The vegan community has always been close, but even we were surprised by the outpouring of love for Didsbury’s Ice Shack from our readers and local word of mouth. Offering so much more than all-vegan desserts, this homely little place provides a safe friendly space for everyone with a nice, loving attitude. Expect games, huge smiles, delicious desserts and a place you’ll want to return to again and again and again. It’s just celebrated its two year anniversary – expect many many more to come.

  • 9. The Allotment Vegan Restaurant

    Martin Kevill

    The Allotment Vegan Restaurant, Lloyd’s house, 18-22 Lloyd St, Manchester, M2 5WA - Visit now

    The Allotment Vegan Restaurant is an award-winning vegan restaurant, formerly based in Stockport and now in heart of Manchester’s city centre. Stockport’s loss is very much Manchester’s grain.

  • 10. The Deaf Institute

    Pimped Fries

    The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 7HE - Visit now

    One of the Deaf Institute’s more celebrated offerings is the Sunday lunch. This isn’t the bog standard English breakfast or Sunday roast, this is the Vegan Hangover, which unsurprisingly features an all-vegan menu. The menu is lovingly-prepared by head chef Charlie, and varies from week to week. You’ll find quesadillas, nut roasts, mac and cheese and curries, all brimming with flavour and texture. Rest assured, this is some of the most inspiring food in Manchester, vegan or not.

  • 11. Unicorn Grocery

    © Unicorn Grocery

    Unicorn Grocery, 89 Albany Rd, Manchester, M21 0BN - Visit now

    An ever popular food cooperative in Chorlton who stock a wide-range of locally and ethically sourced organic, fruit, veg and fair trade products.

  • 12. Greens

    Greens, 41-43 Lapwing Lane, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M20 2NT - Visit now

    Arguably the most highly regarded vegetarian restaurant in Manchester, Simon Rimmer’s much-loved Didsbury restaurant has been gradually adding more and more vegan dishes to the menu over the years. A fantastic stepping stone for those veggies who are thinking of taking that final step into veganism.

  • 13. 1847

    Image courtesy Bistro 1847.

    1847, Chapel Walks, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M2 1HN - Visit now

    1847 specialises in that rare species of cooking: vegetarian and vegan fine dining. It’s on Chapel Walks, a few minutes from the city centre and boasts an award-winning menu and elegant decor. The food ranges from a beetroot puff pastry stack into more traditional territory (trio of cauliflower, anyone?), but the amount of choice available is enough to make the option-starved vegan dizzy.

  • 14. Vapiano Manchester

    Image courtesy of Vapiano

    Vapiano Manchester, Unit 13, The Corn Exchange, Manchester, M4 3TR - Visit now

    Vapiano is a pizza and pasta bar that takes up a hefty slice of the Corn Exchange food court. The name comes from an Italian saying about having a relaxed, healthy approach to life and the restaurant has a decent range of vegan choices for those looking for a light, fresh, meat-free meal. If you enjoy a tipple, you’ll even find vegan wine on the menu.

  • 15. HOME Manchester

    Paul Karalius

    HOME Manchester, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M15 4FN - Visit now

    Although there are a bunch of meat and seafood dishes on the menu at HOME, they pale next to the vegan dishes on offer, particularly the eye-catching and equally-flavourful Buddha Bowls.

  • 16. World Peace Cafe

    World Peace Cafe

    World Peace Cafe, 76 High Lane, Manchester, M21 9XF - Visit now

    The World Peace Cafe is part of the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Chorlton, which is itself part of a worldwide network of Buddhist centres founded by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Staffed entirely by volunteers, it ‘runs on kindness’, and offers a relaxed, positive and friendly atmosphere. So, vegetarian and vegan food is a part of it, but it’s not just about food: what’s on offer is a bigger, holistic experience.

  • 17. Eighth Day

    Eighth Day
    image courtesy of On the Eighth Day

    Eighth Day, 111 Oxford Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 7DU - Visit now

    Eighth Day is a veggie and vegan superstore that’s less of a shop-cum-cafe and more of a Manchester institution. Not only a great place to pick up your hemp milk and agave syrup, but also a deliciously hearty, fairly priced vegetarian/vegan lunch in the laid-back downstairs café.

  • 18. The Beagle

    Image courtesy The Beagle.

    The Beagle, 456-458 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M21 0BQ - Visit now

    Good beers and a great menu with some superb vegan options – it’s essentially Common in Chorlton. We highly recommend the frijoles on toast for breakfast, just remember to tell them you’re vegan.