Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

Diecast, Store St, Manchester, M1 2WD – Visit Now

Diecast, the new creative neighbourhood, from the team behind Ramona and The Firehouse, will take over Manchester’s largest factory and metalworks to create one of the most exciting destinations on the planet.

The 5,000 capacity venue will open in phases from summer 23. First to open is the vast outside space. Home to Manchester’s biggest beer garden, House of Daiquiri, Rum Town, Open Air BBQ Kitchen and following on from the acclaimed Ramona, a hotly anticipated new ‘NeoPan’ Pizzeria. The first of its kind in the city and just in time for summer.

Alongside the pizzeria, BBQ kitchens, an in-house Kombucha Beer Brewery and beer garden is another Manchester first as it will also host an open-air festival style  ‘Rum Town’ and ‘House of Daiquiri’ specialising in Frozen Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, as well as Heritage and New World rum.

Located between Store Street and Ducie Street, behind Piccadilly train station. It’s the latest concept from the team behind Ramona and the Firehouse.

“It’s more than a venue. It’s an area within itself”

Emphasising the size of the task, Joel Wilkinson, DieCast Director and owner said ‘We’re taking all our learnings from Ramona and The Firehouse, but this time it’s on an industrial scale. It’s more than a venue. It’s an area within itself’.

When finished, DieCast’s creative neighbourhood will be home to a night market, Brewing Co., Warehouse Restaurant, and hotly anticipated festival stage, as well as Manchester’s biggest beer garden and a creative hub.

Due to the sheer scale of the site, the city centre location and striking industrial aesthetics, DieCast is made to deliver creative events on an epic scale. The sprawling machine works and factory floor create a raw industrial atmosphere. Providing inspiration for original event concepts, parties, shoots, and film locations, all balanced with state-of-the-art logistics and technology.