Cloudwater & Levanter at Kampus

Dominic Fung
Cloudwater & Levanter at Kampus

Cloudwater & Levanter at Kampus, Aytoun St, Manchester, M1 3DA – Visit Now

The neighbourhood’s accommodation-slash-event space Kampus continues to make waves with its latest guests, Levanter and Cloudwater Brewery. Taking up residency in their event space, the collaboration brings quality beer and a taste of Spain to the city centre.

It’s perfect timing for everyone with the upcoming summer sunshine; Kampus is host to not only great food and drinks but also DJs, meaning this 10-week occupancy should be a hotspot for locals looking to kick back and relax.

Cloudwater Brewery has brought its renovated van to the party, pulling pints from the side of what used to be a common delivery vehicle. It has all the classics on tap, with lager, pale ales and sours ready to go. Alongside this you’ll find Levanter’s menu, separated into charcuterie, tapas and “desayuno”. You’ll find the usual delicious suspects: house marinated olives and pickles, a selection of cured meats and the highly sought after Iberico ham.

These two highly-regarded guests will be here for the next 10 weeks.

As for tapas, you can enjoy clams and mussels topped with Jamon and shrimp dressed in garlic and white wine as well as portions of slow-cooked pork collar on a bed of chickpeas, and traditional Padron peppers and potatoes served “patatas lo pobre” style.

Levanter’s menu also offers limited-time items such as paella and “desayuno”, more commonly known as brunch. Their paella is the traditional Andalusian version, made each weekend (given the weather) and with varying ingredients each time. On the weekends, they provides brunch menu items like the fluffy, gooey “tortilla de bilbao” and fresh baguettes stuffed with tomato, garlic and chorizo.

In true brunch fashion, they also serve “Ruddy Mary” specials with the help of Cloudwater brewery. A non-alcoholic alternative is a seasonal filter coffee using a fresh blend of beans from Honduras and Masagura to kick-start the day.

These two highly-regarded guests will be here for the next 10 weeks, so set a date in your diary to head on over to soak up the beer, tapas and sunshine.

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