Cinema in Manchester and the North

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor

One of the difficulties of film programming lies in finding the balance between looking forwards and looking back. It can be a tricky to manage the mix between highlighting the new, progressive work being done today, and reminding audiences of the joys to be found in the annals of cinema history. Happily, the cinemas of Manchester and the North have struck a delicate balance this month.

Look to Manchester’s Odeon where Grimm Up North have a season featuring some of the best films of transgressive Canadian provocateur David Cronenberg. Meanwhile, over in Liverpool, FACT celebrate Martin Scorsese, with a six-film look at the New Yorker’s rich catalogue of work with muse Robert De Niro. Expect guns, gangsters and psychopaths of all stripes alongside impeccable camerawork, thoughtful critiques and sharp soundtracks.

Operating on a less violent register, is Barry Jenkins’ Oscar stormer Moonlight, which far from being a typical Best Picture winner, is actually a quiet, considered art picture that’s well worth your time. Further ahead, we preview HOME’s annual roundup of the best new Spanish and Latin American filmmaking with the return of the exciting ¡Viva! Festival.


Here are our top 10 picks

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The Suppliant Women


This month we’ve got something very old, a couple of things rather new, something borrowed from the Americans and something dressed in Oldham Athletic blue.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words – so, perhaps, can an object be, as our current selection of the very best exhibitions in Manchester and the North proves.


It’s all about how to make the world a better place at People’s History Museum and SICK! Festival, a ridiculous art race through the forest, swashbuckling historical heroism and imaginative theatrical adventures. Phew.

Benjamin Myers by Julian Germain Dunelm.


March sees talks and tours, birthdays and anniversaries, writers’ conferences and development days, and some rather big names on the literature scene.


Why not try some new music for the new year? How about a residency (or two) in a former mill, an original take on a film soundtrack, or the cream of Manchester’s current music scene coming together for an action-packed all-dayer?

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