Cinema in Manchester and the North

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor

This week you can revisit the past in two wholly different ways. In Manchester, Andrew Kötting’s Edith Walks bridges centuries as with a shambling psychogeographic pilgrimage that conceptually reunites King Harold with his handfast wife Edith Swan. Over in Liverpool, FACT revisit L.A. circa 1995 with a restored edition of Michael Mann’s sensuous bank heist epic, Heat.

On the small screen, we’re loving the return of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – but the legendary American director is back on Manchester’s big screens this month too. At HOME, you can watch the filmmaker behind Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive explore his beginnings in x’s documentary David Lynch: The Art Life. Whilst the folk at Screened/MCR also get in on the act with a special screening of Lynch’s haunting Los Angeles noir Lost Highway.

It’s officially summer, and sometimes the air conditioned darkness of the cinema is exactly what you need on a hot evening. But for those of you who’d rather sit under the stars, Picnic Cinema provide the opportunity to do so whilst watching a great movie.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Edith Walks at HOME

    Image courtesy of HOME

    Edith Walks at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 21–29 June 2017, from £5.00 - Book now

    The latest psychogeographical film by Andrew Kötting traces a path through English history as it reconnects King Harold with his wife Edith.

  • 2. Heat at FACT, Liverpool

    FACT Picturehouse

    Heat at FACT, City Centre, 26 June 2017, from £7.00 - Book now

    FACT brings us Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Michal Mann’s Heat. One of the best films of the nineties, this audacious crime saga should prove a real treat on the big screen.

  • 3. Screened/ David Lynch at Texture, Manchester

    Lost Highway - Image courtesy of Screened/ Mcr

    Screened/ David Lynch at Texture Manchester, 3 July 2017, from £5.00 - Book now

    Screened/ Mcr host their own celebration of legendary purveyor of the cinematic surreal, David Lynch, with guest speaker Mary Wild introducing a screening of the director’s beguiling L.A. psycho-thriller Lost Highway.

  • 4. MIF17: Last and First Men at The Bridgewater Hall

    © Donald Christie

    MIF17: Last and First Men at The Bridgewater Hall at The Bridgewater Hall, City Centre, 6 July 2017, from £12.00 - Book now

    The world premiere of  Oscar-nominated Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson multimedia adaptation of apocalyptic sci-fi novel Last and First Men. Featuring the talents of Tilda Swinton and the BBC Philharmonic.

  • 5. David Lynch: The Art Life at HOME

    Image courtesy of HOME

    David Lynch: The Art Life at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 14–20 July 2017, from £5.00 - Book now

    This new documentary pulls back the curtain on one of American cinema’s most acclaimed directors.

  • 6. Picnic Cinema, Cumbria

    Image courtesy of Eden Arts

    Picnic Cinema at Appleby Castle, Eden Valley, 5–12 August 2017, from £15.00 - Book now

    Picnics, dancing, shenanigans, capers, discos, tomfoolery and great, classic, cult and horror films in extraordinary locations. This year’s selection of films includes Pulp Fiction, The Wicker Man and Boogie Nights.

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