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Missing by the Ipswich-based Gecko. Photograph: Richard Haughton. Image courtesy the Guardian.

Top Theatre Blogs

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We’ve rounded up our very favourite Top 10 Theatre Blogs in the UK into this handy list. Spot a controversial omission? You can submit your own recommendations using the form. In the meantime, get your teeth stuck into the blogging goodness. Break a leg!

1. Postcards From The Gods

This brilliant blog from theatre critic Andrew Haydon is one of our immediate go-tos for thoughtful and frequent coverage of innovative theatre, dance and performance across the country, and into Europe. Read it here.

2. The Guardian Theatre Blog

For theatre-makers, a glowing review from The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner is the golden ticket. Even a so-so review does enough to pique the interest of flocking audiences. Expect interrogating opinion pieces alongside reviews and round-ups of must-see performance across the country. Read it here.

3. Made up

Here, the focus is on Liverpool’s theatre happenings. Suffering indecision? Head to the reviews and interviews section for recommendations, as editor Vicky Anderson scours the landscape for you. Or, if you know exactly what you’re after, you can happily scroll according to the neatly categorised ‘Fringe’, ‘Dance’, ‘Community’ and ‘Musical’ sections. Read it here.

4. John Morrison

This London theatre-orientated blog doesn’t beat about the bush. It’s plain talking, sparse on images, and there’s no sign of ever-present social media widgets. It feels like a blog from the early days, you know, when readers could consume long articles rather than lists – and we like that. Read it here.

5. Theatre Cat

“It seemed that honest vivid reviewing was a kind of duty: not merely a service to readers and potential ticket-buyers but to the art of theatre itself.” Written by former Chief Theatre Critic at The Times, Libby Purves, Theatre Cat is a wonderfully tight reviews blog. Be sure to check out her Manifesto page. Read it here.

6. Whispers From The Wings

Royal Shakespeare Company invite the cast and crew from current productions to tap out blog posts, varying from rehearsal diaries to often more thoughtful pieces about their personal journey to the prestigious RSC stage. Read it here.

7. Synonyms For The Churlish

Reading like a post-performance conversation amongst friends at a pub, Megan Vaughan’s blog takes a witty and honest look at theatre. Caps lock is reserved for enthusiastic reviews of the very best performances, and then there are gems like this: “I can never really follow what happens in Greek tragedies because I get confused. All the character names sound like Muse songs and half of them never fucking show up onstage anyway.” Read it here.

8. Theatre Voice

If you’re a podcast fan, this audio-based blog is perfect for catching up on interviews with award-winning directors, producers, actors and writers while you go about your business. Read it here.

9. Catherine Love

Mostly covering theatre in London, arts journalist Catherine Love’s blog brings together much of her recently published work for theatre rags Exeunt and The Stage, but it nonetheless quite excellent. Read it here.

10. Cultural Shenanigans

Manchester-based theatre reviews, from Laura Maley. Expect handy monthly round-ups of shows, from the larger blockbusters, to small indies. Read it here.

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