Food Sorcery Manchester

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Food Sorcery Manchester
Food Sorcery

Food Sorcery Manchester, Deansgate Square, Manchester, M15 4UA – Visit Now

If you’re looking to brush up on your cooking skills and become Manchester’s answer to Nigella or Gordon, Food Sorcery is the answer. Relax, it’s completely unrelated to witchcraft, rather, Food Sorcery is a cooking school currently based in East Didsbury (and has been for years).

Their classes are wonderful, friendly experiences, covering a vast range of cuisines with some of the most charming and knowledgable educators this side of Dead Poets Society. South Manchester a bit far for all you city dwellers? Fear not, they’re opening a brand new branch right in the centre of Manchester on Deansgate Square. This square is becoming something of a hot spot in the city, with many impressive apartments towering over plenty of high-quality bars and restaurants.

The new city-centre Food Sorcery is set to open in spring and we’ll bring you the full details as they emerge. Until then, if you’re eager to brush up on your chopping, frying and arrangement skills, give the superb East Didsbury branch a whirl.

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  • Manchester
  • M15 4UA
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