Haphazard at Z-arts

Gemma Gibb, Families Editor
Haphazard| Word of Warning Spring Performance Programme

Haphazard at Z-arts, Manchester, 1 April 2017, free entry - Visit now

Prepare for something completely out of the ordinary this April Fool’s Day as the glorious Z-arts building is transformed from top to bottom into a curious land of brilliantly bonkers free interactive experiences and performance.

Brought to us by the clever folk at Word of Warning expect bizarre behaviour all round. Peep through doors, hunt for fish in Pesky Poissons and play your part in reuniting a dancing bear and his beau in Bear-hemian Rhapsody. Immerse yourself in The Blanket Fort, make extraordinary specs of the future and watch Film with Hope which turns on his head notions of who cares for who. Experience “Post-Truth Clowning” and take part in a new ministry of silly walks. Whisper through space and time in Can you hear me, encounter a “Caged Queen” and witness the plate-spinning life of the Smith Family in #work

Musical madness includes “the world’s first karaoke disco-funeral, with added glitter” and Lucky Gills – “reworked favourite boy band classics from the deep”. We can’t wait to sing along to “Backstream Boys”.

Days like this of free, top quality experimental arts for families to stretch imaginations of all ages are few and far between so hats off to the creative teams involved. We love that this day showcases the work of some of the most exciting new live artists around and that you can pop in for a brief crazy encounter or for the entire antic-filled afternoon.

Haphazard at Z-arts, Manchester

1 April 2017
Free entry