Things to do in Huddersfield

Johnny James, Music Editor

Surrounded by the stunning Yorkshire countryside, the market town of Huddersfield is steeped in history, from its award-winning Victorian architecture to its ancient Castle Hill monument. But alongside that rich heritage, there’s a new Huddersfield – a hotbed of culture and independent business.

Home to the UK’s largest international festival of contemporary music, an award-winning literature festival, and a Grade II listed theatre, Huddersfield more than holds its own when it comes to arts and culture. It also has a great independent shopping scene, with the architectural gem that is Byram Arcade housing a plethora of local retailers and businesses, all with their own distinctive character.

There are also plenty of options for dining and drinking, from truly authentic Thai cuisine to one of the UK’s coolest breweries to an adventurous, fine dining brunch restaurant. And if you’re looking to make your visit to Huddersfield a longer one, then places to stay include a Georgian manor house and the UK’s first Eco-Spa.

Huddersfield’s past and present have a lot to offer, and with a £100million regeneration project just around the corner, the future, too, looks bright for this understimated Yorkshire town.

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