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We’ve compiled the pick of the top 10 writing blogs- our favourite UK-based go-tos. Do you spot a glaring oversight? Submit your recommendations using the form on the right. Otherwise, pop the kettle on and get stuck onto the blogging goodness.

1. Yoruba Girl Dancing

Stop here for witty meanderings from journalist Bim Adewunmi, who is also Acting Women’s Editor at the Guardian and all-round “cool woman of the internet.” Entries vary from overheard conversations in launderettes to meatier essays on race, culture and gender. Read more here…

2. A Little Blog of Books

You’re faced with shelf upon shelf of shiny new paperbacks all vying for your attention at your local high street bookshop. Where to begin? Those handwritten recommendations they sometimes do are always a good start, and although this blog doesn’t include the strangely alluring penmanship of a stranger, it’s a wonderful place to begin if you’re wondering what to read next. This blog covers a mass of recent fiction along with helpful reading lists. Read more here…

3. Granta Blog

The blog from literary magazine Granta offers substantial handpicked essays from their quarterly print edition, alongside wonderful new writing exclusive to their online enclave. Read more here…

4. Jessica Stanley

One of our foolproof go-to bookmarks, Aussie ex-pat Jessica Stanley compiles wonderful lists of “the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good.” From moving essays about urban loneliness to topical cultural dissection, via reading lists and literary interviews, Jessica does the online trawling so you don’t have to, and curates a haven of tasty morsels. Read more here…

5. The London Review of Books blog

Exactly what one might expect from the online version of the long-standing literary broadsheet: no-frills, intellectual essays, usually no longer than 500 words. No pictures, just words, made for reading over breakfast with a steaming cup of coffee. Raise a single eyebrow in the event of an interruption. Read more here…

6. Litro

“Stories transport you” is the mantra of Litro, which primarily focuses on new and emerging writers. It’s a wonderful little trove of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, columns and even podcasts. We’re keeping an eye on the Litro TV channel, which includes recordings from live poetry events and “4 Minute Hangouts” with upcoming literary talent. Read more here…

7. The Inkling

An aesthically-pleasing online magazine, The Inkling is a “celebration of the essay form” with a personal and accessible approach, penned by a bunch of young, talented UK writers. Categorised into sections like “Brains and Bowels” and “Ink and Other Animals” and essays with titles like “I Have A Weird Feeling About That Building: Empathy and Architecture” this is a wonderful literary blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Read more here…

8. The White Review

This arts-orientated literary blog sees interviews with the likes of Turner Prize-winning artist Laure Prouvost nestled alongside fiction and yes, a letter to a frozen peas manufacturer… The White Review also runs short story prizes for aspiring writers. Read more here…

9. BBC Writer’s Room

From Tina Fey’s 30 Rock to Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, there’s something strangely appealing about the tense, sweaty confines of a writer’s room. Is it really all witty quips, comic competition and donuts? This is evidentally a TV-based fantasy, but the BBC Writer’s Room blog still makes for a fascinating insight into the programmes being written for the Beeb, with writer interviews, opinion pieces and advice for those looking to elbow their way into the field. Read more here…

10. The Most Difficult Thing Ever

Written by Hudderfield-based postman Kevin Boniface, The Most Difficult Thing Ever is a wonderfully dry blog chronicling the scenes and daily routines encountered along a West Yorkshire post route. Expect overheard dialogue between neighbours in their front gardens, Elvis impersonators at the local and camera phone snaps of naughty graffiti. Read more here…

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