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Top Art Blogs

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We’ve rounded up the top 10 art blogs – the pick of the UK-based bunch. Have we missed one? Submit your recommendations using the form on the right. Otherwise, get stuck into the blogging goodness listed here.

1. We Make Money Not Art

At first glance, curator and critic Régine Debatty’s blog is delightfully lo-fi and looks like an early-millennial webpage. Don’t let that fool you; Debatty explores the space where art, science and social issues intersect and creates smart round-ups of exhibitions, books and wonderful artists you’ve probably never heard of before. Read it here.

2. Corridor8

The online version of the reputable visual arts and writing journal, Corridor8 surveys current contemporary art exhibitions across the North of England. Covering both established and smaller galleries, this slick, scrolling menu is a visually-pleasing guide to the most exciting shows on right now. Read it here.

3. Making A Mark

A super comprehensive affair, Katherine Tyrrell’s blog is a go-to for punters and artists alike. Making a Mark includes useful annual itineraries of major UK art exhibitions (though the bulk are London-based) as well as a meticulous calendar of competitions for artists to enter. Expect in-depth news, analysis and a focus on fostering new talent. Read it here.

4. ICA Blog

Few arts organisations, it seems, are able to bridge the gap between showcasing thoughtful art in their venues and super magazine-worthy content on their websites. It’s for this reason that we enjoy the novelty of the ICA blog. Wonderful digestives come in the form of artist interviews, short-essays and opinion pieces penned by curators. Read it here.

5. Art Sleuth

Art Sleuth covers London’s contemporary Arts scene in just the right way; with a pinch of salt. Thoughtful and concise, this blog focuses on many of the capital city’s smaller – and perhaps overlooked – galleries. It inspires us to be better and take a wander off the well-trodden major gallery path on one of our next visits to The Big Smoke. Read it here.

6. Criticismism

“Blogging for arts sake” is the by-line of this blog. This may explain the structure, which feels staccato in form; posts are made up of short tweet-like sentences, except they’re, well, more poetic. Brighton-based writer Mark Sheerin covers exhibitions across the country, and occasionally an international biennial. Expect a smattering of intelligent and well-observed cultural references; this man should be writing exhibition descriptions. Read it here.

7. Front Free Endpaper

Front Free Endpaper is the online equivalent of browsing a friend’s bookshelves. Not just any friend’s bookshelf, either. The ones with that special habit of picking up curiosities from eBay or car boot sales; photo albums full of strangers in demure swimsuits, or the miscellany from a one-hit author. “An eclectic mix of book collecting and dealing, gay life, gay sex, science fiction and Victorian photographs” is how blogger Callum James describes his online corner, where we’re always happy to take time to browse. Read it here.

8. Hooked Blog

Out of the gallery and onto the streets! This well-established blog has been going strong for almost 10 years, chronicling the work of some of the world’s most exciting street artists. It’s not all tags on subway carriages; Hooked covers the variety and wealth of the contemporary street art scene, from bold murals in Barcelona to teeny tiny stickers and stencils hidden around London. Top tip: the accompanying Hooked Blog Instagram is also well worth a skim. Read it here.

9. a-n blogs

A collection of blogs posts written by individual artists, practitioners and students across the country, a-n blogs is a platform for multiple voices from the field. Harking back to the early days of blogging, a-n blogs feels like a true “web-log” and hosts a community of chatterers sharing their meanderings. Read it here.

10. A Kick Up The Arts

An insider view of the arts scene from a consultant working in the buying and selling of art, AKUTA naturally turns its eye towards art news, artists to watch and investments. This isn’t a clinical corner of money over meaning, though; this is a blog that has a strong focus on photography and contemporary painting and asks Very Important Questions, like “James Franco – Actor or Artist?” Read it here.

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