Why The Whales Came at The Lowry

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Image courtesy of The Lowry

Why The Whales Came at The Lowry, Salford, 25–29 October 2017, from £16.00 - Book now

Award-winning performer Danyah Miller has been likened to an artist for her skillful envelopment of the audience into a story.  Lucky for us then that this critically acclaimed show is sailing into The Quays this half term.

Expect all the drama of a Michael Morurgo trademark tale of people thrown into extraordinary times. Children Gracie and Daniel are forbidden to talk to but intrigued by the mysterious Birdman, in a wartime setting. Exploring this fear and intrigue of “otherness” a mighty adventure is had at sea, in the fog and whilst being stranded as they learn more, including why the whales came to their island.

This is creative storytelling at its best, with an ingenious audience game of Battleships to start this one-woman show which demonstrates incredible physical theatre and set design in bringing the story to life. A remarkable wooden structure changes into a jetty, house, bed and boat, with secret cupboards and hatches revealing messages, letters, boats and even a beach.

This kind of theatre is perfect for those who want to experience something a bit different – it stretches the boundaries of how stories are told and stay with you.



Why The Whales Came at The Lowry, Salford

25–29 October 2017
From £16.00