The Jain Edwards Show

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
The Jain Edwards Show
The Jain Edwards Show

The Jain Edwards Show, 14 October 2021, from £8 - Book now

Manchester’s best and weirdest comedians are uniting, superhero-style, for The Jain Edwards Show, a new series of comedy events at Grub’s much-loved Chapeltown Picture House. Billed as “an alternative comedy chat show where anything can and will happen”, this is a show for people who like their laughs hearty, off-kilter and a few steps to the left of the mainstream.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impenetrable, far from it. As well as the star of the show, the brains behind it all include the unforgettable Foxdog Studios, who combine technology and gags to create something truly unique; and long-time CT favourite, the phenomenal Jack Lewis Evans, who I once described as “inventive and unsettling as a one-man League of Gentlemen”, and I stand by it to this day, IDST.

If you’re looking for something different from ye olde risk-averse comedy clubs, stick this beast in your diary

And the special guest for the first show is none other than Ross Brierley, crown prince of the Leeds alternative comedy scene and viral superstar behind this garage banger. As for the star of the show, Jain has been a locally-adored fixture of the Manchester comedy scene for years with a range of absurdist characters, including the unforgettable Top Bodybuilder Brian.

This show is a co-production with the always-excellent comedy show A Lovely Time, which takes over Chapeltown Picture House on the first Saturday of every month. See The Jain Edwards Show as A Lovely Time’s weirder, more unnerving younger sibling, and if that sounds tempting, you’ll love this.

Many of us in the Northern comedy scene have been waiting for the return of Jack, Jain and co for many years, after seeing their bizarre and brilliant shows in a variety of basement rooms across the city. This regular Thursday fixture at one of Manchester’s best venues for live comedy looks like the perfect fit, particularly as the level of talent involved in this show is off the scale. If you’re looking for something different from ye olde risk-averse comedy clubs, stick this beast in your diary.

The Jain Edwards Show

14 October 2021 7:00 pm
From £8