Pi: Double Helix History at the Science and Industry Museum

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Science Museum Group

PI: Double Helix History - Powered by Siemens at Science and Industry Museum, Castlefield, 19 January 2019, free entry - Visit now

January, as we all know, is a fine old time to contemplate the meaning of life. Pi: Double Helix History will help you to start by understanding and unlocking the secrets of your DNA. Yes really.

This full, free day of investigating “who we are” is being put on for us all by the team at Manchester’s mighty Science and Industry Museum and their partners, Siemens.

Much more fun than actual soul-searching, families can meet scientists and researchers carrying out the latest cutting-edge investigation into DNA and genetics.

Try being forensic archaeologists and genetic scientists by donning forensic suits, examining replica skulls and Egyptology objects.

Get involved in interactive games based on evolution (what better evidence could you want to take the mick out of the “less evolved” members of your group?) and family histories.

For more expressive souls, there’s even the chance to write some poetry about your genetic self.

Ask all the scientists all the questions (the event’s title is from the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in 1953, a turning point in the history of science). Discover more about the latest technology they are using to carry out their work.

We love the ethos behind Pi, the Science and Industry Museum’s monthly “platform for investigation” events. Inquisitive minds of all ages can take part in fun, free, drop-in sessions revealing up-to-the-minute research, all the latest discoveries and how they affect our lives.

Whether you have no current interest at all to the other extreme of geeking out over a subject, everyone is welcome and every question valid.

Each month’s event looks at a different theme from the world of science and technology.

Let’s just hope this month there are no family secrets in your (genetic) closet …

PI: Double Helix History - Powered by Siemens at Science and Industry Museum, Castlefield

19 January 2019 10:00 am
Free entry