Three Little Words

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Three Little Words
Three Little Words

Three Little Words, 12-13 Watson St, Manchester, M3 4LP – Visit Now

Three Little Words is one of Manchester’s best-looking venues, no question about it. It has quietly become a firm favourite of everyone who’s stumbled across it on Watson Street, just along from the Great Northern, a minute or so from Deansgate. It’s the cocktail bar and restaurant of award-winning distillers, Manchester Gin, and ideal for dates or low-key catchups with friends in relaxed, warm surroundings.

You can choose from roast beef or veggie, and quite simply, they’re spectacular

Sadly, at the moment they’re closed due to you-know-what, but there’s no doubt they’ll bounce back in time, and when they do we’ll make a proper visit to give this great venue the kind of coverage it deserves. Until then, we’re trying out their new project, a way to help keep things going until Lockdown 2 is over. It’s a click-and-collect Sunday roast, based on the wildly-popular and always-sold-out Sunday roasts they serve up to the city’s hungry hordes.

You can order this at but don’t delay, orders need to be in by 8 pm Friday so they can be prepared, and you can collect Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

So what is it? For £55 you get a full high-quality roast dinner for two, with all the trimmings and a bottle of wine (red or white, your choice) or cocktails for two. You can choose from roast beef or veggie, and quite simply, they’re spectacular. There are cheaper options, starting from £30 for just the roasts but splash out on the full deal, trust me it’s worth it.

Three Little Words

And don’t worry if you can’t boil an egg. They come with clear, simple instructions that even I, the world’s dopiest cook, couldn’t muck up. It’s all done in about 20 minutes and it’s up there with the best restaurant Sunday roasts I’ve ever tried. The roast beef is magically pink in the middle, with faint hints of garlic and rosemary, and the gravy is the stuff of dreams – you’d be hard-pressed to make your own version of this. Thankfully, there’s no need to, the classically trained head chef at Three Little Words, Jimmy Carr (not that one), has done it all for you.

Everything has been thought of in advance and included

The roasts are crispy, the cauliflower cheese is a true delight, a range of textures throughout, all of them wonderful, and the roast carrots are sweet and soft with just enough of a charred crunch to contrast with the flavour-packed gravy. The Yorkshire pudding deserves a review of its own, it’s that good. Standing tall, ever-so-slightly soft and gooey in the middle with crunchy cloudlike edges – pour most of your gravy inside, to create a kind of meaty paddling pool for pixies, and dip the other elements in there – that’s my top Sunday roast tip.

And that’s not all. It comes with two different desserts, a stellar chocolate brownie and a piece of sticky toffee pudding that’s as good as any I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant. Both come with little pots of whipped up fluffy cream and some extra toffee sauce – everything has been thought of in advance and included.

Is it worth the money? Absolutely. Sunday dinner can be time-consuming and stressful to make and it’ll never end up as good as one prepared by a top chef. The ones offered by Three Little Words tick every box and demonstrate their dedication to quality, no matter what the circumstances.

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