Manchester Union Brewery

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Manchester Union Brewery
Manchester Union Brewery

Manchester Union Brewery, 96D North Western Street, Manchester, M12 6JL – Visit Now

The boffins at Manchester Union Brewery haven’t been sat twiddling their thumbs during lockdowns 1 & 2. Far from it. Instead, they’ve designed two new brews for their legions of fans to enjoy. Ladies and gentlemen, meet After Dusk (a black lager) and Pivot (a pale ale).

Most notably, After Dusk features images of Manchester’s greatest music venues, with a QR code that leads directly to their websites so we can gaze nostalgically at the spaces we used to go out and enjoy. But dry your eyes mate, the first vaccine has been dished out and all things going well next summer we’ll be stood back inside these venues with an all-new appreciation for live music and drinking beer with people rather than on a couch, in the dark, blankly.

Why not build a beer can tower next to the TV as a classy memory of this rollercoaster year

Wondering what venues feature on the cans? Expect to see Albert Hall, Hidden, Band on the Wall, Matt & Phreds and Mint Lounge. Collect the lot, Pannini-sticker-album-style, and build a kind of beer can tower next to the TV as a classy memory of this rollercoaster year.

Both these beers were created at the Manchester Union Brewery at Piccadilly with After Dusk delivering bready and dark fruit flavours with a delicate bitterness due to the saaz hops used. Pivot is a fresh take on the Manchester Pale Ale, this time using central European malt and hops along with the soft water that flows down from the Lake District.

Each new brew can be purchased in cases of 12 cans for £26.58 or 24 cans for £48.67, available for delivery from the link below.

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