Craft Beer Tour Around Manchester

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Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Craft Beer Tour Around Manchester
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Craft Beer Tour Around Manchester, Until 18 December 2021, from £30 - Book now

After a considerable hiatus, Craft Beer Tour Manchester are making a triumphant return this August. Join them for an unforgettable Northern beer experience wherein you’ll drink your merry way through Manchester.

Manchester is privileged to be the home of numerous micro breweries, each with their own personality and twist; you’ll find no shortage of local breweries and bars supporting a thriving craft beer scene in the city. Join Craft Beer Tour Manchester in a celebration of this fermented boozy culture. The tour is in partnership with several of the cities breweries and favourite bars, including Runaway Brewery, Seven Bro7hers, Port St. Beer House and 57 Thomas Street, where you’ll find craft beers to suit every taste.

You’ll be guided around the city by an industry expert, learning about the breweries and the beers as well as discovering a bit about the history behind some of the landmarks you pass en route. As the tour takes you from brewery to bar you’ll have the chance to sample 10-12 different craft beers, all in 1/3 pint measures. With each stop, you’ll hear a bit about the beers being drunk from the people brewing and selling them, giving you insights that will have you savouring every sip.

Craft Beer Tour Manchester will have your typical stout drinker finding an IPA they love

Whether you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or just love having a pint with your friends, Craft Beer Tour Manchester will have your typical stout drinker finding an IPA they love, and your friend who prefers ‘fruity drinks’ getting obsessed with a dark porter. The tours happen every Saturday and start at 1:30pm at a chosen venue in the Northern Quarter. They last around 3 hours but who’s to stop you from carrying on the party afterwards?
A large emphasis is put on the local nature of each beer and brewer. Expect to visit a range of places from crowdfunded breweries that have recently taken off, to age old establishments. What you can be certain of in each destination is a common passion for the craft and creativity involved in brewing beer. And as you drink your way through the city you can put your conscience at ease, as 50p of your fee for the tour goes towards Big Change Manchester, a charity whose aim is to eradicate homelessness in the city.
For every guest 50p of the fee from the tour goes towards Big Change Manchester
Whether you are a dedicated stout drinker or prefer a tropical pale, be prepared to have your tastes challenged and broadened; walking into your local and ordering ‘the usual’ will be a thing of the past.

Craft Beer Tour Around Manchester

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