Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Manchester

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Image courtesy of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Manchester

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Manchester, Royal Mills, Redhill Street, Manchester, M4 5BA – Visit Now

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Manchester is famed for its variable and utterly gigantic gigs, put-on every so often to bring good vintage to the masses. It’s attractive, not just for the stock, which is reasonably priced and in good-enough, wearable quality, but for the quirkiness it upholds, taking place in a large, vacant space which suits the atmosphere of renewal well. Its motto is just that. No fabric or fashionable piece is out-of-line here. Anything goes. Tables topped with denim trews and jackets sidle others draped in chiffon dresses with beaded bodices that you should wear to an elegant occasion but could wear out to any old drinking stint. There’s usually one desk stacked with brown leather handbags alone, erring to the tradition and much-loved formality of the simple colourway. The beauty of having so many options, and so much stock, is the repurposing that takes place with every purchase, and the rabble of the crowds as they bustle for business and browse the bounteous piles of erratic clothing before choosing what to take home, stuffed into totes and paper bags that will be carried preciously, containing new pieces that are already so treasured and adopted.


  • Royal Mills, Redhill Street
  • Manchester
  • M4 5BA
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