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We’ve rounded up the top 10 art blogs – the pick of the UK-based bunch. Have we missed one? Submit your recommendations using the form. Otherwise, get stuck into the blogging goodness listed here.

1. Drowned in Sound

This self-proclaimed “interactive zine” is now such an online music giant that it toes that line between humble blog and proper website. Let’s not worry too much about labels, though; Drowned in Sound is a must-read for great interviews and new music news. Read it here.

2. The Line of Best Fit

Don’t come here looking for scathing reviews or VICE-esque rinsing. “We write about the bands we like, not the bands we hate” proclaims The Line of Best Fit, which was named ‘Most Influential Music Blog in the World’ by Style of Sound in 2014. Read it here.

3. The Wire

Is there a phrase as guaranteed to make the heart sink as “what sort of music do you like?” If you don’t care for genres, but you hate responding with “a little bit of everything”, then you’re stuck. Fear not, for The Wire feels your pain and, refreshingly, is a publication that doesn’t feel the need to categorise content according to genre. Expect electronic dance music nestled up against essays dedicated to whale song. Read it here.

4. Laura Snapes

The personal blog of NME Features Ed and “good person on Twitter” (because that’s a legitimate credential now) Laura Snapes, go here for commentary on women in the music industry and recommended reads from across the internet, as well as playlists. Read it here.

5. 33 Revolutions Per Minute

Do musicians and artists have a responsibility to create art for our times, to question the status quo, and reflect on the politics of today? It’s a question that’s long-plagued creators and consumers alike. 33 Revolutions Per Minute covers the intersection between music and politics, with excellently curated material. Read it here.

6. Test Pressing

Create a Venn diagram consisting of ‘Balearic’ and ‘Stuff We Love’ and music blog Test Pressing is what ye shall find. Expect excellent selections of archival footage found from across the web, alongside mixes for your delectation. Read it here.

7. Manchester District Music Archive

Exploring the social history and subcultures surrounding Manchester’s music scene, this volunteer-run archive-cum-blog is a gem. Expect a record of all sorts of wonderful paraphernalia submitted by fans and music anoraks, including ticket stubs, club membership cards, photographs and magazine clippings. Become a member and you can upload your own artefacts too. Read it here.

8. The Quietus

This is another goodie for staying in the loop where new releases are concerned, but we like The Quietus for both the quality of the writing and their Opinion section, which contains the ‘Wreath Lectures’ – a take on BBC Radio 4’s annual series. Essay titles include ‘Cash & Carry: The Supermarket in Pop Culture in 2014.’ We like. Read it here.

9. Uncut

Run by Uncut magazine staffers Michael Bonner and John Mulvey, this blog is heavy with weekly staff playlists, dissections of cinematic soundtracks, and interviews with musical legends (Hello, Robert Wyatt). Read it here.

10. Drunken Werewolf

A keen champion of new music talent, this Bristol-based blog is good for introductions to artists you might not have come across before. Regardless of whether you live in, or consume music from the South-West, add this to your bookmarks. Read it here.

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