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Welcome to the Top UK Arts & Culture Blogs.

After months of careful analysis (and not a little argument), we’ve compiled our favourite arts and culture blogs across 11 specialist categories.

We’ve compiled these lists using a combination of metrics – authority, visibility, reach and volume – with a generous dash of subjectivity from our editorial team. We hope you enjoy reading the lists as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them together.

Missed your favourite? Tell us! To be eligible, blogs must be written by a UK-based author and have been updated in the last two months.

Discover our top picks

Chocolate-Chia-Ice-Cream-top with cinnamon food blog029

Top Food Blogs

We’ve rounded up the top 10 food blogs – our favourite go-tos for recipe tips…

Photo of mural on a brick wall

The Annual Top 25 Art & Culture Blogs

After 12 months of rounding-up our favourite UK Arts & Culture Blogs, we’ve compiled the…

Photo of beach huts and boats

Top Travel & City Blogs

After travel inspiration? We’ve put together the Top 10 Travel & City Blogs. Spot a…

Woman in denim jacket with flowers

Top Fashion Blogs

We’ve compiled the Top 10 Fashion Blogs. Spot an omission? You can submit your recommendations using…

Woman in teal dress, woman in red dress and man in suit on stage

Top Theatre Blogs

We’ve rounded up our very favourite Top 10 Theatre Blogs in the UK into this…

Red lit photo of singer in front of jukebox

Top Music Blogs

We’ve rounded up the top 10 art blogs – the pick of the UK-based bunch….

Photo of a horse head and neon light

Top Design Blogs

We’ve compiled our very favourite UK design blogs – and this is the Top 10, our…

Balfron Tower at night

Top Architecture Blogs

We’ve compiled the Top 10 Architecture Blogs – our pick of the UK-based reads where…

Top UK Film Blogs

Top Cinema Blogs

We’ve compiled our very favourite Top 10 Film Blogs – the pick of the UK-based…

Top Writing Blogs

We’ve compiled the pick of the top 10 writing blogs- our favourite UK-based go-tos. Do you…

Photo with realistic painting of a man looking out of a window next to the American flag

Top Art Blogs

We’ve rounded up the top 10 art blogs – the pick of the UK-based bunch….

Top Photography Blogs

We’ve compiled our very favourite UK photography blogs – and this is the Top 10, our…

Culture Guides


This month, we round up some of the disreputable treasures and genuinely ambitious pieces of film art that are screening around Manchester and the North.


February sees the launch of several hotly-anticipated exhibitions – and a very special announcement about the return of Wonder Women festival 2017.


This month it’s all about a ridiculous art race through the forest, operatic introductions, amazing animals and theatrical adventures. Our guide to the top family things to do and book now.

Writer Simon Armitage. Credit Paul Wolfgang Webster


The shortest month won’t disappoint, kicking off some special centenary celebrations to take us into March for talks, tours and some rather big names.


Why not try some new music for the new year? How about a residency (or two) in a former mill, an original take on a film soundtrack, or the cream of Manchester’s current music scene coming together for an action-packed all-dayer?


There’s all sorts happening on North West stages right now, from blockbuster productions that push the boundaries between theatre and film to small-scale shows that give intimate insights into the lives of real people.