Women in Comedy Festival

Andrew Anderson
Fern Brady - Women in Comedy Festival

Women in Comedy Festival at Gullivers, Manchester, 20–30 October 2016, from £2.00 - Book now

Turn on the TV and you’ll soon see that female comedians are under represented. I’m not sure why this is (although I’m guessing it has something to do with male TV executives being total bastards), but it is a problem that is easily remedied: simply stroll over to the Women in Comedy Festival and see females being funny right in front of you.

The festival has been building in size, and now boasts a bumper crop of top talent. Comics to keep an eye out for include local lass Jackie Hagan, Russell Howard collaborator Hayley Ellis and the award-winning Lauren Pattison. Lots of stand up, a good deal of sketch stuff and some other interesting oddities are on the bill including a comedic murder mystery. So, switch off that TV and go laugh yourself silly.

Women in Comedy Festival at Gullivers, Manchester

20–30 October 2016
From £2.00