Terrarium Workshop with Queen of Green

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Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop at A Touch of Craft Yorkshire, 28 May 2023, from £35.00 - Book now

Terrariums are an excellent addition to any home and Queen of Green (a.k.a. Sharon) is teaming up with A Touch of Craft in Yorkshire to help you create and curate your very own self regulating environment in a relaxed and informative Terrarium making workshop.

The session begins with a warm welcome and a beverage to enjoy while you get to grips with the basics of houseplant care. The Queen of Green will share many handy tips that have kept her house plants thriving over the years. You’ll then move onto learning about the history of terrariums, where they came from, how they work and why they’re a reliable microcosm for a first time plant owner to start with.

After a quick demonstration, each person will have the chance to create their own terrarium – choosing which plants to include and deciding how to arrange them to best suit their needs. Once complete, you’ll be given advice and guidance on how to look after your terrarium as well as having the chance to purchase further houseplants from the Queen of Green – slowly growing yourself an urban jungle.

Questions are not only welcomed but encouraged throughout the session; whether you’d like to know more about terrariums or house plants in general, the Queen of Green lives up to her name with the wealth of knowledge she has to offer on domestic flora.

Everything is included within the ticket price, from all the materials you’ll need to build a terrarium to refreshments. Of course, if you have particular items you’d like to add to your own terrarium (such as sea glass, shells, minifigures or items of sentimental value), you’re more than welcome to bring your own additions. It’s recommended these be kept to around 2-3cm in size though.

Terrariums are a fun and easy way to develop your green fingers, perfect for beginners but also rewarding for the Monty Dons amongst you.

Terrarium Workshop at A Touch of Craft Yorkshire

28 May 2023 1:00 pm
From £35.00