Manchester Science Festival 2018

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Autumn at the Science and Industry Museum - Distortions in Spacetime by Marshmallow Laser Feast
Marshmallow Laser Feast / Distortions in Spacetime

Manchester Science Festival at Science and Industry Museum, Castlefield, 18–28 October 2018, free entry

Real-life cyborgs, a new blockbuster exhibition on the quest to master the power of electricity, an entire building transformed into an immersive black hole and over 120 other cutting-edge science events across just 11 days. This can only mean one thing – the mighty Manchester Science Festival is back.

“Part laboratory, part playground”, the country’s biggest science festival, programmed by the team at the Science and Industry Museum, has once more pulled out all the stops.

Each year the experiences are so progressive and creative. Manchester Science Festival continually returns to satisfy and provoke new curiosity in both science superfans of the present and future, as well as those just interested in the world around them and trying new things (from upgrading your operating system to being spaghettified in a black hole).

Our top picks include Distortions in Spacetime. Play in the depths of space in the latest immersive audiovisual experience from audiovisual gurus Marshmallow Laser Feast.

New exhibition Electricity: the Spark of Life is deserving of an afternoon in itself, revealing Manchester’s place in the past, present and future of the electric revolution.

You Have Been Upgraded courtesy Transpecies Society
You Have Been Upgraded courtesy Transpecies Society


Event-wise don’t miss biohacking bash You Have Been Upgraded. Step into a science fiction and fact mash-up for one evening only. Meet cyborg Manel Munoz who has installed a new organ to allow him to detect the arrival of extreme weather via beat frequencies transmitted through his skull. Other equally mindblowing guests and demonstrations reveal how tech and virtual reality are revolutionising medicine and changing our world

Theatrical experiences include Keisha Thompson’s Contact-produced Man on the Moon, Clod Ensemble’s dance show Placebo and deaf concept artist and choreographer Chisato Minamimura’s performance exploring the stories of the deaf ‘hibakusha’ survivors of the A-Bombs in 1945.

Add in a whole action-packed family event programme, after dark science events, conversations with leading minds, an entire GameLab at the University of Salford and more, we salute the scale and ambition of Manchester Science Festival.

The sheer range, number and quality of music, film, live science and other curious and mindblowing events galore across Greater Manchester means, in the space of 11 days this October, Manchester sets out its stall at being the centre of the scientific universe.

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Manchester Science Festival at Science and Industry Museum, Castlefield

18–28 October 2018
Free entry