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The Lowry Autumn Season 2017

Andrew Anderson, Theatre Editor

There are lots of new commissions in The Lowry’s Autumn Season; shows that pay scant regard to the traditional genre boundaries of dance, theatre and visual work, but instead mix them all together to create an exciting arts alloy.

Take Alexander Whitley’s 8 Minutes, for example. Is it art or science, film or music? Or what about Superposition, which features performer Chanje Kunda. Is she a poet or a pole dancer? And as for Candoco Dance Company, are they activists or artists? The answer of course is that they are all of these and more.

But what I really love about this season is that it takes a chance. The best example of this is Hush Hush, an evening where not only is the show new but the audience has no idea what it will be (last time it turned out to be mad-cap sci-fi spectacular Police Cops in Space).

Normally performing arts programming is based around putting on what audiences have enjoyed before, but instead The Lowry is instead pursuing a contemporary path. Yes, it is risky – after all, not every new show will be a success – but it also means audiences have the chance to see something unexpected and exciting…and after all, isn’t that what live performance is meant to be about?

Here are our picks

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  • 1. Under Glass at The Lowry

    Clod Ensemble: Under Glass at The Lowry, Manchester, 18–21 October 2017, from £15.50 - Book now

    Performers inhabit giant glass jars, Petri dishes and test tubes for an acclaimed production in which much is revealed through confinement.

  • 2. Andante at The Lowry

    © The Lowry

    Igor and Moreno: Andante at The Lowry, Manchester, 19–20 October 2017, from £12 - Book now

    Igor and Moreno are internationally renowned dance artists who create mesmerising shows celebrating human life.

  • 3. Candoco Dance Company: Double Bill at the Lowry

    © Hugo Glendinning

    Candoco Dance Company: Double Bill at The Lowry, Manchester, 24 October 2017, from £16.50 - Book now

    Candoco’s ability to mix serious art with self-deprecation marks them out as one of the best dance troupes around.

  • 4. This Bright Field at The Lowry

    Photo by Pari Naderi

    Theo Clinkard: This Bright Field at The Lowry, Manchester, 31 October–1 November 2017, from £16.50 - Book now

    The audience takes to The Lowry’s stage for intimate exchanges with the 12 dancers in This Bright Field, followed by a cinematic, climactic finish.

  • 5. Superposition at The Lowry

    © The Lowry

    Chanje Kunda: Superposition at The Lowry, Manchester, 26–27 October 2017, from £12.00 - Book now

    Superposition will take you down a rabbit hole of physics: from the quantum world of the tiny to the expanses of the universe – via a lap dancing club.

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