Art Galleries in Bradford

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor

Bradford has a long legacy of visual art, with giants such as David Hockney, photographer Ian Beesley and multidisciplinary artist Shanaz Gulzar hailing from this culturally rich city. There are plenty of art galleries in Bradford and the surrounding areas, where you can experience the work of big names in the visual art world as well as work from the thriving local scene.

Expect to see innovative exhibitions and fresh perspectives.

The top place to go for big names and thought provoking exhibits is Impressions Gallery. This diverse hub of photographic art in the heart of Bradford exhibits photographers from around the world, using different aesthetics, techniques and styles to present social issues which often resonate with communities here. Having opened in 1972 as the first specialist photography gallery in the UK, they have changed public opinion on the medium, giving artists the space to challenge and further the medium. Check their online exhibits while the gallery is only open as and when it can.

Still in the city centre, but on the other side of the spectrum, is Fuse Art Space. This dynamic space is host to visual art, film screenings, performance art and gigs. It’s the space where you’ll find new work from upcoming artists working with a mix of often interdisciplinary mediums. Expect to see innovative exhibitions and fresh perspectives.

Further afield on the outskirts of the city, in Thornton, is the South Square Centre. This collection of cottages now houses galleries, an archive and artist studios, which contain all manner of local creatives. Their exhibitions often have a mixture of local input as well as external curators. After an afternoon of gallery viewing, there is a handily situated, cafe and pub in the group of buildings, all of which, line the perimeter of South Square.

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Here are our picks

  • 1. Impressions Gallery

    Impressions Gallery

    Impressions Gallery, Aldermanbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1SD - Visit now

    As the leading gallery of photographic arts in the UK, Impressions is making photography accessible, inspiring and approachable for everyone.

  • 2. Fuse Art Space

    Fuse Art Space

    Fuse Art Space, 7 Rawson Place, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 3JP - Visit now

    Fuse is a new and exciting venue where multidisciplinary art forms meet a full spectrum of live performance, this dynamic space is broadening the artistic minds of Bradford and beyond.

  • 3. The South Square Centre

    South Square Centre

    The South Square Centre, Thornton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD13 3LD - Visit now

    Based in the village of Thornton, the South Square Centre is a collection of 19th Century workers cottages which now house a gallery, cafe, pub and more. 

  • 4. Cliffe Castle Museum

    Creative Tourist

    Cliffe Castle Museum, Spring Gardens Lane, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6LQ - Visit now

    In addition to the museum’s fixed galleries, Cliffe Castle’s temporary exhibitions often feature contemporary art works resounding to local issues.

  • 5. Bradford Industrial Museum

    Courtesy of Bradford Museums and Galleries

    Bradford Industrial Museum, Moorside Mills, Moorside Road, Eccleshill, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD2 3HP - Visit now

    As with Cliffe Castle, Bradford Industrial Museum often works with contemporary artists to create new exhibitions. Through art, the organisations can present their account of our history through a modern filter.