Chorlton, Manchester

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Chorlton is a left-leaning suburb a few miles south of Manchester’s city centre (and only ten minutes away by tram), a sprawling hive of artisan coffee shops, boutique clothing stores, parks, pubs, restaurants and bars. If we tell you that many of the latter serve Prosecco on tap, you’ll get an idea of the atmosphere here – although things are getting increasingly edgy and independent.

There’s a laid back feel to the place, an area dominated, if not defined, by young families and well-to-do professionals. It’s also home to the annual (and excellent) Chorlton Arts Festival, as well as an inordinate number of fashionable dogs.

Discover our top picks

  • 1. Barbakan Delicatessen

    Barbakan Deli

    Barbakan Delicatessen, 67-71 Manchester Rd, Manchester, M21 9PW - Visit now

    Award-winning, continental bakery in Chorlton, Greater Manchester. Barbakan Deli has been around for the best part of half a century and is named after the historic gateway leading into the Old Town of Kraków in Poland.

  • 2. Mary & Archie Chorlton

    Mary & Archie Chorlton

    Mary & Archie Chorlton, 111 Manchester Rd, Manchester, M21 9PG - Visit now

    The Chorlton branch of Mary & Archie is a popular bar in the South Manchester suburb. A great choice for beer, breakfast and brunch.

  • 3. Chorlton Bookshop

    Chorlton Bookshop

    Chorlton Bookshop, 506 Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M21 9AW - Visit now

    Simply one of the best independent bookshops in Greater Manchester. We love this place. Go in, grab a book and head to one of the many nearby bars and start looking mysterious.

  • 4. Campagna at The Creameries

    Campagna at The Creameries
    Ian Jones

    Campagna at The Creameries, 406 Wilbraham Road, Manchester, M21 0SD - Visit now

    We’re big fans of this fairly recent addition to Chrolton. Great food, which by the way is either made 100% on site or brought in from the very best suppliers, and is always changing as they invent new things. As our writer says, go there!

  • 5. The Beagle

    Image courtesy The Beagle.

    The Beagle, 456-458 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M21 0BQ - Visit now

    Excellent boozer and eatery in the southern suburbs. The venue has gone through many names and owners but The Beagle has finally stuck. Good beers and a great menu with some superb vegan options.

  • 6. Sale Water Park and Chorlton Ees


    Sale Water Park and Chorlton Ees, Rifle Road, Sale, M33 2LX

    A nature reserve between Chorlton and Sale, perfect for summer strolls and getting yourself immersed in the great outdoors (without actually leaving the city).

  • 7. Unicorn Grocery

    © Unicorn Grocery

    Unicorn Grocery, 89 Albany Rd, Manchester, M21 0BN - Visit now

    An ever popular food cooperative in which has been in Chorlton for more than twenty years. They stock a wide-range of locally and ethically sourced organic, fruit, veg and fair trade products.

  • 8. Barbecue Coffee Manchester

    Barbecue Coffee

    Barbecue Coffee Manchester, 486 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester, M21 9AS - Visit now

    Barbecue roast their own beans and probably serve up the finest cup of coffee you can get in Chorlton, and the competition here is pretty fierce.

  • 9. Pi

    TummyRumble via flickr

    Pi, 99 Manchester Rd, Manchester, M21 9GA - Visit now

    The Chorlton branch of Pi is a small but perfectly formed bar with an unbeatable choice of bottled beers, local ales and mouthwatering Pies. Remember, the nuts aren’t free, they’re complimentary, so be nice to the bars staff, they’re bloody lovely.

  • 10. The Font Chorlton


    The Font Chorlton, 115-117 Manchester Rd, Manchester, M21 9PG - Visit now

    The Font is a popular bar in Chorlton which serves up a great selection of beers and cocktails as well as an ever changing food menu. It can be a little bit like a creche on weekend afternoons, but once the parents clear off, it’s an ideal place to enjoy a beer or several.

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