Rita, Sue and Bob Too at The Lowry

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Rita, Sue and Bob Too at The Lowry
Image courtesy of The Other Richard.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too at The Lowry, Salford, 9–13 April 2019, from £20.00 - Book now

Written by Andrea Dunbar in 1982, Rita Sue and Bob Too comes to The Lowry this spring in a bold production by Out of Joint’s Kate Wasserberg.

Set in the 1980s, Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a semi-autobiographical drama which paints a vivid picture of two teenage girls caught between a brutal childhood and a disheartening future. Living in a run-down part of Bradford, both girls are hungry for adventure.

When best friends Rita and Sue get a lift home from married Bob after babysitting his kids, he offers them both a taste of adult adventure. The three of them start a fling each of them thinks that they can control.

Andrea Dunbar’s frank and gritty play examines a northern female perspective through the misadventures of two fifteen-year-old girls. Rita, Sue and Bob Too tells the story of two funny though sharp best friends and their brave journey to navigate the hardships they face growing up in a Thatcher’s Britain. Dunbar’s work is considered so special in that she introduced a unique working-class voice to the stage. An experience of fearless realism which had rarely been seen before.

Dunbar’s play was considered a groundbreaking work for its time. Rita Sue and Bob Too will be directed by Out of Joint’s Artistic Director Kate Wasserberg and will be co-produced with the Octagon Theatre Bolton and the Royal Court Theatre.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too at The Lowry, Salford

9–13 April 2019
From £20.00