PUSH Festival 2021 at HOME

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Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
PUSH Festival 2021
Image courtesy of Chris Payne.

Push Festival 2020 at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 27 February–27 March 2021 - Book now

Thrilling and challenging, PUSH Festival always goes some way towards brightening up the start of a new year. This year more than any other, this cultural festival is a glimmering reminder that new performance continues to be developed, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Artists have been beavering away and ideas have been simmering for PUSH Festival, a celebration of the North West’s best-emerging artists and creatives. We love that PUSH gives audiences the chance to seek out these new and extraordinary performances, works and screenings – some brand-new and some so good that they demand to be seen again.

The festival runs typically for two weeks in January – however, this year the festival will run for a full month during February and March. We get ridiculously excited about PUSH every year when HOME’s stages, screens and spaces offer themselves up to showcase fantastic work from around the region. Aside from performance and visual art, as always PUSH Festival also offers a great opportunity for artists and creatives to meet industry professionals, share ideas, inspiration and further hone their skills across a broad range of topics.

We’re waiting for more information about PUSH Festival 2021 and we’ll update this page as soon as we hear more – do check back again soon.

Push Festival 2020 at HOME Manchester, Manchester

27 February–27 March 2021