Danielle Rhoda: City of Colour at HOME

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Danielle Rhoda: City of Colour at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 1–31 October 2022 - Book now

Part of HOME’s Black History Month programming, illustrator and animator Danielle Rhoda presents her latest exhibition, City of Colour – a celebration of diversity in Manchester.

Popping up in Tony Wilson Place, the outdoor exhibition is the product of Rhoda doing what comes naturally to her – observing daily situations and spinning them into visual stories. In this exhibition, she documents real people passing by the HOME building, turning tiny, fleeting moments into illustrations which capture all sorts of characters. She particularly focusses on the Black community, as per her longstanding aim of “depicting diversity in a delicate, sensitive but also naive way”.

Rhoda’s uses a variety of media, but focusses on traditional materials, with the aim of placing handmade textures at the forefront of her visuals. Most often she captures transitory depictions of people in her local areas – her local areas being Poland, Barcelona and, happily, Manchester.

The exhibition will run all through Black History Month, so the next time you’re in the vicinity of HOME, go and check it out!

Danielle Rhoda: City of Colour at HOME Manchester, Manchester

1–31 October 2022