The Skriker for MIF15: The costumes revealed, in pictures

Polly Checkland Harding

A first look at the costumes for The Skriker at MIF15, in ten exclusive pictures.

On Friday last week we had a super exclusive sneak peek at the costumes and the set for The Skriker at the Royal Exchange. We can’t say too much about the staging at the moment (more will be revealed soon…), except that the theatre is as you’ve never seen it before, and has been transformed for Manchester International Festival into an urgent, detailed and layered set for the telling of Caryl Churchill’s apocalyptic fairy story, where two sisters meet and are led astray by the Skriker (played by Maxine Peake), shapeshifter and omen of death.

We had a super exclusive sneak peek at the costumes and the set

Here though, are ten carefully chosen photographs of the costumes, from the Skriker’s Alexander McQueen-inspired Faerie Queen attire, all cobwebby lace and fake flowers, to the tattered plastic and battered toy rabbit carried around by the figure of the bag lady. Enjoy…

Neckline of a dress filled with fake flowers

Photo of a laced grey dress

Grey buckle

Sleeve of grey dress filled with fake flowers

Yellow neckline on a mannequin

Plastic bags and child's rabbit

Pocket filled with flowers

Black beads over green sequins

Coloured chiffon skirt

Pink and white bra

Images courtesy of Creative Tourist. Photos: Polly Checkland Harding.

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