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Suzy Prince
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Wowie Zowie!, 107 Manchester Road, Chorlton, M21 9GA – Visit Now

Second hand shop Wowie Zowie serves up box-fresh mid-century delights from its South Manchester boutique

Shopping secondhand doesn’t mean you’re limited to charity shops. There’s a different sense of satisfaction to be found from a visit to a curated vintage boutique where you’ll part with a little more of your hard-earned to acquire the objects of desire which lie within, but they’ll be worth every penny.

A curated vintage shop full of mid-century objects of desire

Wowie Zowie specialises in classic 20th-century home decor including glassware, clocks, lamps and furniture – all of it so beautifully-preserved you can’t help but wonder if it’s box fresh. Every part of this small shop is used to great effect: look down and you’ll spot their latest footwear finds, which recently included a whole cache of children’s Clarks shoes from the 1960s, unworn and in their original boxes, for just £18 a pair (half the price of a ‘new’ pair).

Look up and you’ll see their collection of posters and art, including French artist Fernand Nathan’s charming educational prints for children. Incroyable!

  • 107 Manchester Road
  • Chorlton
  • M21 9GA
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This venue is no longer open

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