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Martin Kevill

The Liars Club, 19A Back Bridge St, Manchester, M3 2PB – Visit Now

Review by Martin Kevill

You’ll find The Liars Club on Manchester’s booming Bridge Street, by the popular Crazy Pedro’s and the delightfully scuzzy rock and roll bar Mojo. It’s a trio that offers enough variety to satisfy anyone looking to carve out a tasty little night out on the west side of Deansgate. At 2am on a Friday night it really is a sight for glazed-over eyes, with outrageous pizza, stunning music and tasty tiki vibes serenading the crowd a little too cool for the suited and booted Grey Geese over at Spinningfields.

Liars has just launched a new cocktail menu and it’s pretty unique, but it’s always been known to mix things up a bit. In February, the owners filled the bar with sand because they were sick of the winter cold. It was a grand old gesture and probably marked the first time a beach in the North-West wasn’t covered in seaweed, agitated crabs and rope.

The Liars Club manages to pump tiki into every nook and cranny of its basement paradise

It’s an incredibly vibrant new menu, with a few classics like Piña Colada supplementing the crazy new additions, like the Floridita Swizzle, a peach and Havana Mojito, which tasted beautiful. There’s a lot to choose from and it’s great watching the bartenders chuck the ingredients around, but the stand out addition has to be the Double Shot Coconut Latte, served on ice, in a cardboard coffee up. It’s a rich, milk-free combination of rum, crème de cacao, coconut cream and coffee. I suppose it’s a bit like David Beckham’s hair in the 90s… slick, tasty and packed to the rafters with Brylcreem. I could have had five, but I didn’t (I had four)

Liars Club manages to pump tiki into every nook and cranny of its basement paradise and if you’ve had a few of the stronger cocktails such as the Zombie, you might actually forget you’re in Manchester for a second as it’s a pretty exotic and enchanting place. The menu is sweeter than the birthday cards David Beckham pretends Harper writes for her mummy on his Instagram, so the entire bar smells like a Chupa Chup museum; great if you’re looking to go hard and keep up with the DJ’s exotic rhythms; the music’s fantastic.

The staff seem to enjoy the night as much as the punters

There’s definitely something in the air at Liars Club; the staff seem to enjoy the night as much as the punters and although it’s not huge, it feels big once you’re inside. If you’re a huge fan, there’s even a Cocktail Masterclass. You can learn about the history of rum and have a go at making some of the snazzy new menu items so the guys behind the bar don’t have to. It’s a sweet place. Very sweet indeed.

  • 19A Back Bridge St
  • Manchester
  • M3 2PB
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