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Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Honest Burgers
Honest Burgers

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Continuing their eagerly-anticipated tradition of unique, limited-edition burgers every month, Honest Burgers have brought back an old favourite for February: The Fondue. The name might bring to mind Abigail’s Party-style dinner parties of the 1970s, all flowing kaftans and keys in bowls, but the reality is even more appealing.

This is a collaboration with Mons Cheesemongers and teams those high-quality Honest Burger patties with a number of traditional mountain cheeses, namely comté, beaufort, vacherin- fribourgeois, abondance and emmental with garlic and white wine, plus a slice or two of crispy pancetta, some white wine onions, rocket and pickles. It’s a cut above most ordinary burgers and not something simply to scoff while watching Homes Under The Hammer, this is an ‘event burger’.

Honest Burgers have brought back an old favourite for February: The Fondue

The cheese transforms it into something intoxicating, a ping pong bounce of flavours and not necessarily ones you’d associate with a typical burger, encompassing a spread of expensive cheeses rather than a standard bright yellow slice of American cheese. As a treat, it’s something special and more like the kind of thing you’d spend hours making at home.

There are some good options elsewhere on the menu too, including the highly-recommended grilled chicken burger that’s an ideal healthy option that doesn’t really feel like a healthy option. If you’re feeling reckless, the standard beef burger covered with American cheese is Honest Burgers at its best – thick crumbly British beef packed with flavour and a few well-chosen toppings.

This is an ‘event burger’

And it’s important to mention the rosemary-salted fries. Made with real rosemary, these are hot, crispy and with subtle slight herbal notes that perfectly complement the burger itself.

The Fondue follows last month’s well-received Tribute To Jamaica, a vegan collaboration with Jamaican vegan kitchen, Dee’s Table. As lockdown drags on, having one of the new creations from the Honest team delivered to your door is a little ray of hope for burger lovers across the North.

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