The Grainger Market

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The Grainger Market
Courtesy of Grainger Market

The Grainger Market, Clayton Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5QN – Visit Now

On Grainger Street, in the heart of Newcastle, can be found the Grainger Market. This covered market was the largest covered market in the world when it was built, and still holds a special place in the heart of many in Newcastle. Over a hundred businesses can be found inside, ranging from butchers and grocers through to some more specialist businesses, supplying regional and worldwide food and more besides.

As well as providing a range of boutique shops, the Grainger Market has also been a lifesaver for many, as their take-away food boxes provided an alternative to supermarkets for many during the national lockdowns in 2020. In fact, in October 2020 the market celebrated its 185th year of serving the people of Newcastle, and as a birthday present, won the Britain’s Favourite Market award.

There are a host of independent retailers within the Grainger market, like Scorpio Shoes. Established in 1960, this sixty-year-old gem provides a fantastic range of footwear in the heart of the Grainger Market, with a core stock of boots, especially Doc Martens. With a range of designers available, you will be sure to find cool contemporary footwear at Scorpio Shoes and know that your purchase supports local business.

This covered market was the largest covered market in the world when it was built

Pet Lamb Patisserie (‘Pet Lamb’: a Geordie phrase for someone dear to you) was started by Katie and Kay when they taught themselves how to bake some of the most scrumptious sweet treats available in Newcastle. Their small shop in Newcastle provides brownies, cakes and cupcakes to all who pass through and has attracted a steady stream of regulars. The French Oven, sitting on the other side of the concourse to Pet Lamb, combines the French bakery with the British tradition of pies and pastries for on the go savoury snacks.

If you’re looking for a local gift, Geordie Gifts has a range of souvenirs that highlight local landmarks, phrases and dialect – there’s more to Geordie than Whey-Aye Man, and you can learn it here. Meanwhile Pizza by the Slice sells, as you can guess, handmade Italian Pizza, while the Eco-friendly company Nil Living provides household products and refills to help reduce waste and look after our planet.  All in all, a trip to the Grainger market not only provides all of your shopping needs but, with Grade I listed architecture, you’ll see why this is such an important Newcastle cultural venue and shopping experience.

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