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Martin Kevill
Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen Manchester, 1 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 1RG – Visit Now

Rather ironically, Japanese food joint Shoryu sits on the Far East of Piccadilly Gardens, serving up high-quality ramen for those daring enough to make their way through the crowds of men in parkas arguing about Oasis and sweating teenagers doing kickflips over broken fountains.

Shoryu has been a Deliveroo success story in the city, loved for its strong menu and smart packaging, but it’s easy to overlook the modest, little site in Manchester’s oddest garden. Not everyone does, though. It was bursting at the seams when we arrived.

High-quality ramen for those daring enough to make their way through the crowds

We were here to give the latest menu a go. It’s called the ‘Eggstraordinary Easter Ramen Set’ and serves up a bun, a ramen dish, some dessert, a drink and some posh chocolate for £24… a far-out Easter banquet from the Far East. It’s been launched to celebrate Shoryu’s partnership with popular Japanese cartoon, Gudetama, which, according to Siri is a fat, lazy egg yolk that hangs around with Hello Kitty. The character is all over the menu and merchandise and it’s both ridiculous and cute. Gudetama has a face, limbs and a prominent backside, and he can be seen lazing around various dishes on the printed materials. Fantastic.

The Gude-Yellow buns are incredibly soft and stick to your teeth like all good baos. We had the thick and sweet BBQ Pork and the Chicken Karaage, which was crunchy and warm. They were big bois too, so imagine our faux concern when the Gude-Ramens turned up in bowls the size of cement mixers.

We had the Shoryu Ganso Tonkatsu, the signature ramen with an added egg that resembled Gudetama, thanks to a face made in the yolk using a few fried shallots… brilliantly odd artistry going on here. The ramen was flavoursome, with the seaweed, mushrooms, spring onion and perfectly-cooked noodles giving the soft pork a sharp punch in the salty and satisfying broth. The ramen was deep, but it was worth the dive.

Shoryu is a worthy member of Manchester’s ever-swelling ramen scene

All that stunning saltiness and flavour can engineer a bit of a thirst, so the Frozen Kirin, served with a -5 degrees frozen top was a unique and much-needed accompaniment; I’m just glad no one caught my first swig on film as it was visually repellent.

The Gude-Desserts were simple, single blobs of ice-cream in a stretchy, dusted soybean casing; something different to tuck your spoon into. There was Yuzu, Matcha or Salted Caramel to choose from and they were just the right size after such a generous main.

Included in the deal is a choice of drink and a really sweet chocolate bar to take home with some other Gudetama merchandise. The Eggstraordinary Easter set is a deal built around one of the strangest little cartoons I’ve ever seen and I love it dearly, but it’s more proof that Shoryu is a worthy member of Manchester’s ever-swelling ramen scene.

I’ll be going again, because life’s too short and we’re here for a Gudetama, not a long time.

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