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Piccadilly’s Japanese noodle restaurant, Shoryu Ramen launched a DIY Shoryu kit meal range at last so diners can make their favourite dishes at home during lockdown. And now they’ve extended the range with a build-at-home bao bun kit. This and other DIY kits are available to order online from and they include everything budding chefs need to make Shoryu’s finest meals.

Kits like this are the perfect way to while away the coming weeks

There’s one flavour of bao bun available, the classic char sui pork belly bun, and this kit comes complete with a thick slab of pork belly, bao buns, cucumber, lettuce and two pots of sauce (QP mayonnaise and spicy Shoryu bun sauce). You’ll get enough ingredients to make four hefty buns, enough for two people, or a snack each for four.

Shoryu Ramen

Crafting them is shockingly easy. Simply steam the buns using a pan, sieve and the included parchment paper and cut the pork into four slices then fry in a pan. Then it’s a case of putting them all together, like delicious Lego. You might find it useful to make a few tweaks along the way, like cutting the pork further and frying it so all the belly fat dissolves (unfortunately, this won’t apply to our own ever-growing lockdown paunches), and slicing the cucumber into thin strips rather than diagonal slices – feel free to bend the rules, they’re your baos, after all.

The bun themselves are wonderful, beautifully soft and light

Most importantly of all, they taste fantastic. The bun themselves are wonderful, beautifully soft and light, like a delicious cloud crossed with a melt-in-the-mouth pillow. The spicy sauce adds an all-important kick – though you can leave it out if you prefer, the mayonnaise adds enough depth of flavour on its own.

In all, the entire thing takes just over five minutes to make (and much quicker to scoff), and clock in at a respectable £18 per kit, excluding delivery. If you’re chomping at the bit waiting for your favourite restaurants to reopen, and wouldn’t mind learning a few new skills at the same time, kits like this are the perfect way to while away this glacial third and hopefully final lockdown.

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