Market Street Manchester

Creative Tourist
Market street in Manchester
David Dixon

Market Street Manchester, Manchester, M1 1PW

A busy shopping street in Manchester city centre. Lined with well known high street shops and home to the Manchester Arndale.

Market Street needs a lift; bringing the private motorcar back to this pedestrianised street would add some sorely missing life to a once grand thoroughfare of Manchester. A few passing vehicles would certainly help change the deathly feel it picks up during the evening after the chain shops have closed and buskers packed up their amplifiers. More importantly, it may even lead to some welcome cafes and bars opening and a change in dynamic of the whole street.

Manchester’s most successful area of recent years, The Northern Quarter has the feel of a city alive, pedestrians & vehicles mix it up in close proximity and create a vigour the anodyne Market Street needs in spades. Here’s hoping at least!