Hotel Indigo Chester

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Ian Jones

Hotel Indigo Chester, Grosvenor Park Rd,, Chester, CH1 1QQ – Visit Now

Hotel Indigo Chester is one of Chester’s must-stop places for those looking for luxury in this stunning historic city. It’s based a short walk from the train station, in the very heart of the city centre, with the excellent Wood Chester restaurant attached – and well worth a visit in its own right.

The rooms are, not to put too fine a point on it, stunning. We stay in the corner balcony suite on the top floor, which is immense, with acres of space, high ceilings and incredible views over the beautiful skyline of Chester – all towering spires and enormous trees. The beds are huge, the bathrooms are huge, the sheer sense of luxury is, that’s right, huge.

It takes the concept of luxury and runs with it. And runs some more.

But this isn’t some standard high-end hotel that you could find anywhere, it has a unique charm to it. The walls are full of fascinating artwork, but it combines this with a modern feel – high-quality furnishings and the finest bed linen money can buy. You won’t have a comfier sleep anywhere else in Chester.

A quality bath is my personal hotel test and Hotel Indigo Chester passes with flying colours. Free-standing, with a range of scented bath salts – it takes the concept of luxury and runs with it. And runs some more.

One small gripe is the TV. It’s a standard flatscreen that you’d find anywhere, but considering the rooms are so big if you want to watch it in bed you’ll end up squinting a little. Of course, you shouldn’t be staying in a place like this if your only plan is to watch telly – you’re in one of the North’s most beautiful cities – get out and explore.

High-end hotels don’t get much more high-end than this

Hotel Indigo Chester is the definition of a special occasion destination. Treat yourself, at least once. High-end hotels don’t get much more high-end than this.

  • Grosvenor Park Rd,
  • Chester
  • CH1 1QQ
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