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Vicky Andrews
Whitmore & White
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Whitmore & White, 4 Godstall Lane, Chester, CH1 1LH – Visit Now

“All You Need Is Love” sang John Lennon, who must have missed the memo that the real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A few years ago, Chester officially proclaimed Godstall Lane as the ‘Romantic Heart of the City’ and signs were erected at either end of the walkway to celebrate the city’s long love affair with this quaint little medieval street.

Nudge your way through the cute couples and hopeless romantics, past the eateries and boutique shops, and you’ll find a hidden gem that is every foodie’s perfect partner.

Voted as Cheshire’s best deli two years running, Whitmore & White offers a delectable selection of the finest international food, wine and spirits, all under one roof. Never mind a kid in a candy shop, give us a smorgasbord of charcuterie and cheese any day.

Among the mouth-watering meats are chorizo, salami, bresaola, morcilla, sobrasada and serrano ham. There’s also a superb selection of cured and smoked British beef, venison, chicken and duck as well as locally produced pâté and whisky smoked salmon.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese and you’d be crackers not to pick something up from the continental selection. Will it be Gorgonzola dolce, Petit Camembert, Cornish Yarg or Cotswold Brie? A cheese board isn’t fully dressed without chutney; from traditional accompaniments like good old pickled onions and piccalilli, you’ll also find chilli bacon jam, Korean kimchi, Spanish red pepper jam, Mexican salsa verde and kraut pickles.

Once you’ve picked up your olives, nuts and antipasti, go and pick a nice bottle of Prosecco to go with your smörgåsbord. There’s an incredible range of wines to browse too and even better is having experts on hand to tell you all about them. Whitmore & White also sells craft beer, confectionery, biscuits, tea, coffee and soft drinks, and the shop has a good stock of ‘free from products’, including vegan chocolate and vegan wine.

Treat yourself to a visit to Whitmore & White, in the romantic heart of Chester. There is no more sincere love than the love of food.

  • 4 Godstall Lane
  • Chester
  • CH1 1LH
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