Creswell Crags

Jake Gill
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Creswell Crags, Crags Road, Welbeck, Worksop, S80 3LH – Visit Now

In an age when woolly mammoths roamed the land and cave hyenas prowled for prey, the limestone gorge of Creswell Crags was home to our prehistoric ancestors. Found on the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, the gorge is a space of unique natural splendour, and it is little changed since the last Ice Age. The cave systems found at Creswell Crags are world famous for their stunning beauty, but also for the fact that they contain the northernmost cave art in Europe, which dates back around 13,000 years. As such, it has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and it was also included on the tentative list for potential World Heritage Sites in 2012.

Myths and folklore surround the crags, and no site is more renowned than the Robin Hood Cave. Tales say that the cave provided the legendary outlaw Robin Hood with a hide out to escape from the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham. There is also evidence of witchcraft and sorcery within the cave, with ancient runes engraved into the cavern walls. Adventurous cave explorations are offered at Creswell Crags, providing a true thrill for visitors who want to step back in time and immerse themselves into the lives of our human ancestors who first settled there 22,000 years ago.

A museum is also found on the site, containing objects which have been found within the caves at Creswell Crags. These range from hand tools, prehistoric art, and even animal fossils. Make sure to visit the Crags Edge Café for speciality coffees, including their own unique blend of Crags Coffee beans. Alternatively, take a picnic to enjoy outside amidst the stunning scenery of the gorge.

To discover more about the fabled bandit Robin Hood, or to immerse yourself further into the stunning natural beauty of Nottinghamshire, the ancient woodland of Sherwood Forest is within touching distance of Creswell Crags.

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