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London Road & the Antiques Quarter, Sheffield

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Centuries ago, London Road was a thoroughfare used by farmers taking their cattle to market, but in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, folk moved from the outlying countryside to set up shop here. Though much has changed since then, family-run businesses still prevail and, while London Road may not offer the prettiest of welcomes, follow your taste buds and you’ll discover the tantalising menus at its long list of internationally inspired restaurants.

After half a mile of an overwhelming number of food options, London Road meets Abbeydale Road; many of Sheffield’s dearly loved cafés and antique treasure troves lie ahead. With six antiques centres and around 20 independent shops between them, Abbeydale Road, Queens Road and Broadfield Road have together become known as the Sheffield Antiques Quarter. Take a look down Wolseley Road to the left after you leave the area and you’ll see the Madina Mosque, with its Persian-style arches and beautiful blue-green tipped minarets and dome.

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