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Martin Kevill
Bundobust Oxford Road

Bundobust Oxford Road, 61-95 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EJ – Visit Now

Football tomfoolery aside, Manchester and Liverpool are pretty good pals and even though the latter insists on hogging the chubbier end of the River Mersey, both cities live amicably in each other’s company and continue raise the standards for most things going on in the North West.

The food world has benefitted from this inter-city rapport, with many ambitious restaurants seeing success in one city as proof of concept for the other. Indeed, the expansion of Liverpudlian concepts into Manchester and vice-versa has been hashtag normalised in recent times. I’m led to believe you can pick up a Subway sandwich in both, for example.

Bundobust brings Maray’s signature Middle Eastern-Indian flavour to the specials menu

When Bundobust hit Liverpool in 2019, local restaurant, Maray, hosted a one-off dinner to show their welcoming support. Now, as Maray Manchester edges closer to its summer opening on Lincoln Square, Bundobust is returning the favour by bringing Maray’s signature Middle Eastern-Indian flavour to the specials menu with a series of collab dishes.

Bundobust’s cherished Okra Fries are, for a limited time, Jazzy Fries, with tahini, tamarind, spring onion and chilli bolstering the already staggeringly good crunchathons. The Valafel Pav is a deep-fried potato ball on a friendly brioche bun, but it’s been mixed with Maray’s signature falafel, which weaves a beautifully textured layer of Middle-Eastern spice into an already enthralling eating experience. It’s the dining equivalent of sellotaping Jurgen Klopp’s hair onto Pep Guardiola’s head (for a limited time).

The Disco Bhel Puri is a loving handshake of two very popular dishes… Maray’s exquisite Disco Cauli and Bundobust’s Bhel Puri. There’s broken samosa in there, caramelised cauliflower, flaked almonds and pomegranate. This is a beautiful bowl of intense textures and flavours and I think most Mancupudlians (my phrase) will agree.

£2 from every combo and £1 from every Valafel Pav sold will be donated to Eat Well MCR

There’s Halloumi Tikka too, my favourite dish on the specials menu. They’re massive chunks of squeaky bliss on a skewer, dressed with sour cherry jam, dukkah and sumac. It’s meaty and substantial; cheese has a habit of stealing the show, doesn’t it?

This super special menu will be available as single dishes or as the ‘Bundobust x Maray Combo for 2’, which will leave you and your imaginary friend full and pleased for hours.

Any guilt from dropping a bit of pomegranate on the floor or mispronouncing one of Bundobust’s IPAs will evaporate as you learn that £2 from every combo and £1 from every Valafel Pav sold will be donated to Eat Well MCR, the social enterprise providing chef-made meals to people in need.

The menu will be available from Monday 9th May until Sunday 22nd May at both Manchester restaurants; Bundobust Oxford Road, Piccadilly and at Bundobust Liverpool. Choose your location wisely (proximity is usually my go-to).

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