Bikram Yoga Manchester - Venue Closed

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Image courtesy of Bikram Yoga Manchester

Bikram Yoga Manchester, 51 Church St, Manchester, M4 1PD – Visit Now

This is the one you’ve probably heard about – the hot one – but nothing quite prepares you for how hot it actually is, which is to say very hot (40 degrees). Best to shower beforehand so you feel fresh, you need to bring a couple of towels, a yoga mat and plenty of water with you (plus a pound coin if you want to keep your stuff secure). After about five minutes I thought I was going to faint, but you do get used to it and by the end it is almost enjoyable. (Almost.) The session lasts an hour and a half, but give yourself 15 minutes beforehand to get ready and another 20 after to take a shower. I wouldn’t suggest trying this until you’ve given another kind of yoga a go first. The people who do go seem very committed; Bikram yoga strikes me as almost a lifestyle choice rather than simply a relaxation activity (make of that what you will).

  • 51 Church St
  • Manchester
  • M4 1PD
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