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Alberts Schloss
Albert Schloss

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR – Visit Now

As October approaches, one thing is on all our minds: beer. And although we may not be able to travel to Bavaria for the full experience, Albert’s Schloss is offering the next best thing. No expense has been spared to bring Oktoberfest to Manchester, with lederhosen as far as the eye can see and, of course, plenty of beer. A literal taste of Bavaria can be found in the form of five limited edition lagers, each with a rich backstory and unique flavour.

Paulaner, a lager rich in caramel nuttiness, was actually used as a substitute for water back in 1634

All the lagers available for the Oktoberfest event have been imported from Bavaria and are next to impossible to get hold of yourself. Expect earthy, malty tones in each one as well as a slightly higher ABV along with sweeter undertones, almost like caramel. Of the five, the Löwenbräu would be a personal recommendation. Brewed to have fewer bubbles than usual, it goes down so easily it’s possible to drink as if it were water. A dangerous game, but a pleasurable one.

A booth in Albert's Schloss

Alternatively, go for Die Höfbrau, bringing hops and a full-body with every mouthful. Die Höfbrau was originally brewed with the intention of calming riots – understandably so considering how relaxing a pint is. Fans of malt will instead find themselves gravitating towards the Paulaner, a lager rich in caramel nuttiness, and was actually used as a substitute for water back in 1634 as the fermentation process killed any bacteria. Perhaps this is a habit we could adopt now, in these quasi-lockdown times…

Fresh pretzels the size of your head

Of course, no Oktoberfest would be complete without food to go with your stein of lager. Naturally, Albert’s Schloss has you covered for this in the form of a 22-inch behemoth of a bratwurst covered in sauerkraut and mustard. However, if you don’t feel like trying to stomach enough to prepare for hibernation, fresh pretzels the size of your head might be the preferred accompaniment for your drinking needs. Warm and tearable, they come with delicious dips of sweet mustard and bier cheese.

To top things off, Albert’s Schloss has started to ease back in with live music fitting for a roomful of clinking glasses, happy faces and full stomachs. Try a stein or two before they disappear – this event isn’t here for the long-term, and neither are their delicious beers.

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  • M2 5QR
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