Albert’s Schloss

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
Alberts Schloss
Albert Schloss

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR – Visit Now

Freedom day has finally arrived and we chose to spend it in the Cook Haus of Albert’s Schloss on the ever-growing Peter Street strip, just yards from the excellent NQ64. This Bavarian-themed den of delights is well known for the glamorous entertainers and frequent dancing on the tables. However, today we’re also intrigued by the German street food-inspired menu and it did not disappoint.

This Bavarian cuisine fits right into the lively atmosphere

The evening begins with a couple of Schloss’ spritzers, after all, it was a very warm day. These tall, cooling drinks were a level above your average bubble based cocktail – a particular favourite was the Jasmine and Mandarin. Often fruity drinks can be too sweet, but the Mandarin really came through, in a way that stopped the sweetness from taking over while still delivering a fruity hit.

After a basket of various (and delicious) types of bread and a couple more drinks, it’s time for the main courses. Although the food looked simple in presentation, this was more than made up for by the punchy flavours. We ate the chicken schnitzel with garlic mayo and salsa verde, chicken kebab and their vegan cheeseburger. (Also available as non-vegan) All of the dishes were top tier – this Bavarian cuisine packs a hit of comfort that can’t easily be replicated and fits right into the lively atmosphere. The truffle and parmesan topped fries are just as glorious – everything a decent posh chip should be.

Dessert for us dairy eaters meant we could marvel and munch our way through a decadent Baked Alaska. Aside from the zingy flavours and creamy texture, this plate was served with flaming brandy poured over the mound of Italian meringue, making for a fun start to the course.

Albert Schloss

Accompanying all the dishes were the Balkan-infused bangers of Gypsies of Bohemia. This energetic ensemble is one of the many house bands at Albert Schloss. As a venue, Schloss is well known for putting on impressive live shows that feature cabaret acts, drag queens and big note hitting divas. You can see something different every evening, with the common theme being highly danceable and perfectly suited to this good-time party venue.

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  • Manchester
  • M2 5QR
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