A Taste of Honey

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
A Taste of Honey
A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey, 138 Burton Road, West Didsbury, M20 1JQ – Visit Now

Based on Burton Road in West Didsbury, A Taste Of Honey is a deli (and now a CBD store too) with a tumultuous past. Much-loved for many years, it was taken over by new owners a few years back who changed tack entirely and subsequently lost the support of the discerning Didsbury locals. It was recently taken over by a new team, and looks set to relive and even surpass those glory days.

Tonight we’re seated out back, in the cosy and very dimly-lit outside area (we’re assured that lighting will be installed soon) and treated to a three-course meal that includes plenty of CBD action, all provided by Manchester company, CBD Ultra. A whole host of their CBD products were involved in the meal, from CBD sprays to drops, and they also offer CBD tea and coffee – and even CBD-infused beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you’re looking to try out high-quality CBD products, in a variety of delicious ways, look no further – and it’s sold at A Taste Of Honey, if you’re curious to check it out.

A three-course meal that includes plenty of CBD action, provided by Manchester company, CBD Ultra

However, we should state that CBD is in a tricky position, legally, at the moment and while plenty of people claim it benefits all kinds of ailments, it’s worth noting that as useful as it may be, there’s no evidence that it can cure cancer, for instance. If you’re interested, it’s worth reading up on what it can actually do – there are plenty of forums out there, and there’s convincing evidence that it helps with arthritis, as just one example, but do be wary of outlandish claims.

A Taste of Honey

As for A Taste Of Honey, the food served up is no less than superb. We begin with a platter containing tomato, strawberry and burrata cheese, lightly coated with a strawberry CBD dressing. It sounds unusual on paper but the taste is delicious, not as sweet as it might sound but a nicely balanced combination of fresh late-summer treats. This is matched with an Asian noodle salad sprinkled with cashew nuts and a pomegranate CBD dressing. Happily, the CBD isn’t too harsh or herbal and seems to blend in fairly well with the well-prepared food on offer, which includes plenty of hemp flour flatbread.

The main course is truly delicious: lemon haze chicken with ‘jazz’ cabbage, roasted shallots, chargrilled tenderstem broccoli and almonds, plus harissa roasted parsnips and a side of ‘jazzy’ spuds. For all you readers familiar with beatnik terminology, don’t worry, we’re not talking jazz as in jazz cigarettes, it’s more a cheeky nod to CBD’s status as the legal cousin to the as-yet illegal THC found in cannabis. The chicken is cooked beautifully, roasted right through but not a second too long. It’s hot, packed with flavour and impossibly moreish – as are the parsnips and broccoli.

Relax beatniks, we’re not talking jazz as in jazz cigarettes

For dessert, a pineapple express upside-down cake (a nod to both the excellent 2008 film and the well-known strain of cannabis), which is served with a fantastic biscotti terpene-infused Madagascan vanilla ice cream. It’s a sublime finish to a great meal and the lack of light merely makes for a more fun, semi-illicit atmosphere in the end.

A Taste Of Honey looks to have found its feet after a while out in the wilderness and the wealth of upcoming events and ideas demonstrate that the delightfully charming management team have big plans for the future. It’s a worthy fit for Burton Road, once again.

  • 138 Burton Road
  • West Didsbury
  • M20 1JQ
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