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We’ve rounded up the top 10 food blogs – our favourite go-tos for recipe tips and shameless lunchtime scrolling. Have you spotted a starting oversight? Submit your own recommendations by using the form on the right. Otherwise, get stuck in to the very best foodie reads listed here.

1. Cheese and Biscuits

Well-balanced restaurant reviews are in abundance here; blogger Chris Pople is a prolific foodie, having visited over 500 eateries since starting his blog in 2007. If you’re somebody who uses Yelp as a litmus test for deciding where to eat, you’ll love Cheese and Biscuits which is fair, authoritative and, best of all, includes deliciously in-depth food photos. Read it here.

2. Eat Like A Girl

This long-running food blog, written by Niamh Shields includes gastronomic “postcards” – from cheese making in Puglia to market reckies in Melbourne – interspersed with delicious recipe ideas for homecooking. Read it here.

3. Ms Marmite Lover

We love food blogs that are chock-full of artfully styled food photos as much as the next person. Sometimes though, it’s good to have a trawl through a blog with more substance. Ms Marmite Lover is a wide-ranging blog with longer opinion pieces, recipes and food tours. We especially love the fact-laden diary following a trip to Billingsgate Fish Market. Read it here.

4. Hungry Hoss

We’re long-time fans of this food review blog, which to us is arguably the best of the North West bunch (or should that be brunch)? Good, honest reviews, decent pics and good writing: if you’re unsure whether to give a particular eatery a whirl, check it out here first. Read it here.

5. Top with Cinnamon

A rather accomplished baking blog that comes with original recipes (many of them gluten-free) and great photography – which is all the more impressive when you realise it was started when the author was just 15. Read it here.

6. Poires Au Chocolat

The name of this sweet-toothed food journal originates from the first recipe Emma created from scratch – a trusty chocolate and pear loaf. Poires au Chocolat has, like all the best blogs, evolved over time: from it’s beginnings as a university side-project to an award-winning blog. Look out for the handy recipe index and the short videos which accompany many of the recipes. Read it here.

7. Rocket and Squash

This beautifully illustrated journal of “food related experiences” by the food writer and consultant Edward Smith looks at eating in (his own recipes), eating out (reviews) as well as other foodie bits and pieces: experiments in weekend cooking, travel notes and interesting things to read. Read it here.

8. Guac and Roll

Fancy trying out a vegan diet? This blog from the North London-based food blogger, Ava, should be your first port of call. Excellent recipes and posts on the realities of life and travel as a vegan. Read it here.

9. Saffron Strands

Recipes, shop and food reviews from this London-based food writer. The book review section is particularly useful. Read it here.

10. Tommy’s blog on .fatale

This photo blog may not be hosted on an English site, but the London-based Tommy documents the Chinese/London food scene through photography, random books, noodlings, observations and the occasional, sparse text. Read it here.

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