Wild Worlds festival at Chester Zoo

Wild Worlds Festival at Chester Zoo

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor

We are more than a bit excited by Wild Worlds, a new, summer-long, arts, science and garden festival from one of the leading zoos and conservation charities in the world.

Prepare to have your heads turned by 14 new interactive and mesmerising artistic installations accompanied by hundreds of events.

A dynamite squad of artists, landscape designers, scientists and performers have teamed up with Chester Zoo’s talented conservationists and scientists to create inspiring new spaces and experiences.

Meander through The Botanist’s Lab, a garden which brings together science and nature. See wierd and wonderful horticultural spectacles. Daily Zoo Ranger workshops range from animal training to poo science to tips for biodiversity in your own back yards and gardens. Meet scientists here too to delve deeper into urgent conservation subjects and ask all the questions.

The Celebritrees garden shines a spotlight on the sounds, smells, sights and features of trees that may have gone previously unnoticed.

Viewing the Honey Bees at Wild Worlds
Viewing the Honey Bees at Wild Worlds

Head to the Dormouse and Honey Bee gardens to enter the hidden worlds of these tiny species.

Kick back and experience Talking Chairs set within their own mini gardens. Hear stories about the wild worlds of flamingos, lions and black rhinos as you observe the animals within their habitats.

Wander down Insect Avenue to see huge invertebrate hotels showing the diverse habitats of some of the UK’s tiniest critters.

Leave time to climb like lemurs in the expansive Madagascar and Wildlife Wood play areas – sandy beaches, dry river beds, tall grasses, dens, slides and climbing ropes. These are adventure playground experiences to end all adventure playground experiences.

Performance-wise there’s something to captivate every day including science rapping, Flamingo Dance and helping to extract the sounds of plants.

It’s well known that Chester Zoo cares for over 21, 000 animals, many at risk of extinction. It also, however actively conserves some of the rarest plant species and trees. With one in eight plant species also currently endangered, Wild Worlds celebrates the incredible worlds of both animals and plants.

Chester Zoo is all about “Acting for Wildlife” and making a difference. We love that this festival encompasses both pure fun and more serious scientific discussion. It gives families the chance to explore some of the themes of the zoo’s wider conservation work in incredibly joyful ways.

All events and installations are free with normal zoo admission.