Transitions: Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Transitions at Wild Worlds
Chester Zoo

Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo – Transitions at Chester Zoo, Chester, 26 May–30 September 2018, free entry - Visit now

Entitled Transitions, conservation artists Badgers of Bohemia have created three large-scale, dramatic artworks, transforming the life-sized animals at Chester Zoo that greet excited little and big visitors alike.

We can’t think of a better way to herald the zoo’s new Wild Worlds festival than a new and transformed entrance that sets the scene for the creative outdoor adventures that are in store.

Get lost in the depth of detail and see what wildlife you can spot. The designs detail unique habitats and how the amazing wildlife found within them adapts as the day changes into night.

The three pieces are entitled Awakening, Life and Disappearance and are “ultimately a metaphor for the changing times of the day and the need for change, which we’re all part of”.

The aim is from the start to connect visitors with the many species of animals and plants that are threatened with extinction.

Transitions is one of 14 new artist collaborations (accompanied by a jam-packed and fun-packed daily events programme)  which celebrates wildlife and the natural world around us.

New artist interpretations, stunning gardens and interactive experiences are spread throughout the zoo, helping us delve deeper into the things we can do to make a difference and protect endangered animal and plant species.


Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo – Transitions at Chester Zoo, Chester

26 May–30 September 2018
Free entry