The Dormouse Garden: Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Chester Zoo

Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo - Dormouse Garden at Chester Zoo, Chester, 26 May–30 September 2018, from £13.18 - Book now

Did you know that the teeny, secretive Dormouse sleeps for three quarters of its life and is rarely awake during the day?  Explore the new Dormouse Garden to find out more about the little-known world of these undercover, cuter than cute rodents as part of Chester Zoo’s Wild Worlds arts science and garden festival this summer.

This playful and interactive installation has been created by Manchester artist duo One Five West, landscape and horticultural experts Landstruction and environmental consultancy Urban Wilderness.

Hunt for hidden audio and images to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a dormouse.  Picnic on a special elevated lawn that contains some pint-sized surprises to listen out for.

This species lives right on our doorstep yet is thought to have become extinct in over half its former UK range. Chester Zoo is leading research to increase current understanding of how we can do something about it.

Mini-conservationists can meet Zoo Rangers here every Monday and Thursday at 10.30am for an hour to find out more about how they are protecting Dormice in the UK.

We love how you can both kick back, relax and come across some pretty special surprises here and also find out more with some serious scientific discussion.

No napping mind!



Wild Worlds at Chester Zoo - Dormouse Garden at Chester Zoo, Chester

26 May–30 September 2018
From £13.18