Venessa Scott: Human. Nature at HOME

Maja Lorkowska, Exhibitions Editor

Venessa Scott: Human. Nature at HOME at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 1 October–20 November 2022, free entry - Visit now

Venessa Scott’s colourful murals, with their signature bold hue combinations and graphic style are hard to miss. This autumn, the artist brings her work to HOME‘s galleries with a brand new show Human. Nature.

Scott focuses on fungi and the vast, complex network of underground connections. In her recognisable style, the artist spotlights the connected nodes and mycelium networks. Using this metaphor, Scott clearly alludes to the significance of the collective: of working and existing together in harmony, as a community. By looking for inspiration in nature, the artist takes natural processes and translates them into new ways of seeing, and being, in our less green and more human realm.

The exhibition is comprised of a series of smaller scale paintings that inform a larger-scale mural. Venessa Scott often works in various mediums and scales, from illustration to large-scale installations in public spaces. She also delivers workshops and creative education projects.

Venessa Scott: Human. Nature at HOME at HOME Manchester, Manchester

1 October–20 November 2022
Free entry