There and Back Again – an Odyssey at The Met

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Lyngo Theatre Company

There and back again – an Odyssey at The Met, Bury, Manchester, 25 October 2017, from £8.00 - Book now

Homer’s The Odyssey for kids in an hour? This is no ordinary condensed tale as  the super talented Patrick Lynch of Lyngo Theatre (and also CBeebies fame) will leave little and big theatregoers agog with storytelling multi-tasking like never before.

This adventure story of Ulysses’ twenty year task to reach home features all the good things including giants, ghosts and greeks. It uses a mindblowing mix of the simplest low fi theatre techniques combined with high tech live cinema to bring a magical world alive. Expect to witness famous battles, storms and floating islands. Expect also to meet one-eyed giants and extremely cross gods.

Aimed at age six and over, it’s a perfect intro to theatrical experiences that push the boundaries of the genre. We can live in hope that through witnessing some awe-inspiring storytelling, where one person can convincingly create a whole world, it may inspire tales to be recreated and told by little ones long after the show.



There and back again – an Odyssey at The Met, Bury, Manchester

25 October 2017 11:00 am
From £8.00