The Bubble Show at Waterside

Shekina Rose, Families Editor
Image courtesy of Waterside Arts

The Bubble Show at Waterside Arts, Manchester, 25 September 2022, from £7.50 - Book now

On Sunday 25 September, families of Manchester and beyond are invited to float their way to the Bubble Show at Waterside Arts, and join the bouncy, wonderful Mr. Bubbles, AKA The Highland Joker, AKA Eran the Bubble Man, as he brings all sorts of bubbly fun, storytelling and magic to Manchester with his incredible soap bubbles of different shapes and sizes.

You have never seen so many bubble formations. Bubbles that bounce. Bubbles with smoke. Gigantic bubbles. Round bubbles. Bubbles inside bubbles. SQUARE BUBBLES – whaaat?! And this is the one we really can’t get our heads around. Bubbles made with FIRE! There will be so many beautiful, bouncy bubbles for everyone to enjoy.

One of the most sought after bubble artists across the globe, Mr. Bubbles is an actor, storyteller, and Guinness World Record holder. In this amazing bubbly show, you can expect no other than an immersive, interactive bubble extravaganza like you’ve never seen before. Once a soldier, Mr Bubbles then trained as an actor and now performs as a bubble artist all across the world blowing bubbles to promote peace. Mr Bubbles is a founding member of the Association of International Bubble Artistes.

Mr Bubbles’ The Bubble Show is highly sought after, winning numerous international awards. Not only this, but the show  has floated all the way from New Zealand across the globe to the UK, without stopping or popping – impressive! The Bubble Show has featured at the Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe, and New Zealand Fringe, as well as performances in USA, Germany, Qatar, and New Caledonia.

So for a floaty, bouncy, bubbly experience that will have the whole family jumping for joy, book your tickets for The Bubble Show at Waterside Arts through the link below.

The Bubble Show at Waterside Arts, Manchester

25 September 2022 2:00 pm
From £7.50